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MONDAY MOTIVATION For Your Mind, Body + Soul

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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I'm feeling lots of anxiety + have really gotten off track taking care of my mind, body and yes, soul. I haven't been practicing what I preach + I have felt physically + mentally depleted. Below are some of the things I'm striving to do + incorporate into my daily routine so that it becomes second nature.

Mondays always feel like a fresh start + a clean slate to me. Writing out my thoughts + weekly goals helps me to see a clear picture of what I need to do to stay on track. At the end of the day, we truly are our own motivators. I hope this helps you too.

* Let the sunshine in by opening my curtains + shades!
* Pour myself a cup of hot water w/ lemon. (aids in digestion + detoxifying)

* Make my bed while listening to a book on Hoopla Digital. (free from your local library)

* 10 minute morning meditation (25-30 when possible) with my noise canceling headphones while listening to people like: Melissa Wood Health, Dr Joe Dispenza or Wim Hof Method.

* Brush my teeth + wash my face. Your girl loves an AM + PM skin routine so I love my non-toxic products which I rotate from: Tenoverten, The Yellow Bird, Khus+Khus, Motherlove Herbal Company, RMS Beauty, Ursa Major, Skin Gym, California Baby + Cocokind

* Get my work desk setup - open my planner + prioritize my to do list (I will usually do this the night before or a few days prior) so I know what my day is going to look like workwise for the most part. I have an Erin Condren Life Planner™ which was gifted to me by my parents as a birthday present this past July...get yours HERE.

* Drink water (I add Sakara chlorophyll to my water) + take my Ora Organic probiotic.

* Exercise + stretch (see below for links to my favorite at home workouts)

* Take a cold shower.

* Eat a healthy + balanced breakfast.

* Morning journal.

* Practice gratitude.

* Cut out distractions. Focus on what matters the most + take time to rest.


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