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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

As you know, I like to mix up my workouts. I recently came across Amanda Lee. Who is Amanda Lee, you ask? Well, she is Kourtney Kardashian's in-house Poosh fitness expert. Amanda is sharing five simple moves below to add to your at-home exercise list. If you’re looking to strengthen your abs without doing a single sit-up, this one’s for you. Learn each 30-second motion that will tighten and define your core.

30 Second Moves For Stronger Abs

Whether you prefer to perform each move in the comfort of your living room or outside in fresh air, you’ll be sure to see (and feel) results. Watch Amanda demonstrate the quick rotation below.

Whole Body Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

Do you want to learn four plank positions to tighten your core, resulting in a leaner (and flatter) stomach? Learn the five-minute exercise combination below which include: Plank Dips, Plank Shoulder Taps, Jumping Jack Plank and Wide Mountain Climber.

5 Minute Plank Routine For A Flatter Stomach

Clear a non-carpeted area and get to sliding and sweating! Watch Amanda Lee, demonstrate each exercise that’ll shape and firm your butt below. In this video you will be learning: Gliding Side Lunge, Gliding Reverse Double Lunge, Gliding Curtsy Lunge, Gliding Reverse + Curtsy Lunge Combo.

At Home Gliding Disc Butt Workout

Stability Ball Workout

Feel the burn while you’re burning calories with today’s stability ball routine. One of Kourtney Kardashian's trainers, Amanda Lee, shares four ways to incorporate an exercise ball into your next at-home workout. Each move tightens and tones your body while shedding calories. Learn the sequence below. The routine will consist of the following moves: Stability Ball Hamstring Curls, Stability Ball Inner Thigh Squeezes, Stability Ball Jackknife Crunch, Stability Ball Squats + Wall Sit

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