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FITNESS Motivation Q&A

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

It’s totally normal to have days when you just feel unmotivated (and those feelings are valid). But, the solution isn’t to berate yourself and reinforce a mindset that working out is punishment. You need to make your workouts work out for YOU.

Recently, I've gotten a few messages with questions in regards to fitness and motivation and I thought I would share my answers with you.

What should I do when I get in a mood or phase of wanting to eat everything?

Try and notice why you got there in the first place. Is it emotional? Are you stressed? Did you not eat enough during the day? Are you tired and craving sugar to stay awake? Noticing might not help in that moment, but it can help you realize patterns in the future. Make sure you eat well balanced meals.

If you are eating out of sheer boredom, remove yourself from the situation. Leave the couch, kitchen, bedroom, etc. and go on a

walk or drink a glass of water to hydrate.

What are some tips on how to be motivated to workout?

Find something you love to do so much, that you actually get excited to workout! You shouldn't waste your time doing workouts you don't enjoy. I really believe there is something out there for everyone.

When I lived in California I loved rock climbing, hiking and mountain bike riding. Right now, as I'm back on the east coast and it's winter and well....there is this thing called, the pandemic, I've really been enjoying doing different YouTube workouts each day to target different areas of my body. One day it's pilates with Tasha Franken, the next day its yoga with Melissa Wood Health. The following day I might do some free weights and the next day, I may just want to dance around the house to my favorite playlists by calling out songs or artists to Alexa which breaks a pretty damn good sweat!

Living in California, you probably spent most of your time doing outdoor sports and activities. How are you handling those east coast winters?

Not well! I mean, it has taken some time getting reacquainted with living in this little winter wonderland snow globe, but I'm really looking forward to summer when I can get back in the water and do some stand up paddle boarding again! My nephews have been taking swimming lessons, so I'm also excited to get in the pool with them and my niece too! Lots to look forward to this summer!

I'm not into running at all, but I do like to go on walks. What are some of the benefits of walking?

We live in a beautiful woodsy area with a lake, so I also love taking long nature walks.

Walking in nature helps with stress reduction, depression and anxiety. Walking reduces blood pressure, raises HDL (good cholesterol), improves mood and boosts energy.

Walking 30 minutes per day / 5 days per week associated with a reduce risk of coronary disease by 19%. A 30 minute walk can burn 150-200 calories (actual number depends on speed and weight). After meals, a gentle walk can help with blood sugar regulation and help with gut motility which is beneficial for those with constipation and SIBO. *Source:

What are some of your favorite online workouts?

I've added my favorite online workouts right here on my website. Be sure to check out my BODY blog posts for inspiration and motivation where I have a bunch of online workouts you can do at home. You can find them HERE or go to the tab up top called HEALTH + WELLNESS, then click on the drop down menu and then click on BODY and viola! There are a bunch of workouts to choose from depending on your mood. I'm always adding more, so be sure to sign up for my mailing list so you know whenever a new post drops!

Do you have a Spotify playlist?

Yes! Check out my Spotify playlists under the name: peppermintriple

How do you personally motivate yourself to workout when you are just "not in the mood" to do anything?

I'm motivated to workout and incorporate daily movement, because I know that besides all the other health benefits, the most important reason of all is my mental health. When I move my body, I always feel better. I feel so much "lighter"and not so weighed down afterwards both mentally and physically.

Do you feel unmotivated to work out when you are on or near your period?

I aim to do any type of movement 5 times a week when I'm in my follicular, ovulation and 1/2 of my luteal phase. My workouts vary depending on how I'm feeling. The closer I get to my period, I listen to my body and do less cardio but instead, do more yoga, stretching and meditation. I try not to workout on my period and give my body rest during that time.

Everybody is different so your routine might look different than mine. There is no right or wrong way. We're all different and you have to be the one to experiment with different routines until you find ones that enable you to thrive. Just listen to your body. Our bodies are pretty magical and powerful and speak to us in their own way.

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