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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I love mixing up my workouts to keep it interesting and Tasha Franken's workouts have helped my mind and body so much that I wanted to introduce you to her as well! Tasha is a model, certified health coach & Pilates instructor who recently launched an online Pilates subscription site called, T — F STUDIO to share her unique & dynamic FEEL GOOD Pilates workouts.

Her main focus is to help those around her to feel their best by promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle that everyone can follow. Anywhere, anytime. T — F STUDIO was created after trying countless workout classes and trainers that didn’t achieve the results Tasha was looking for. Tasha's workouts are designed for EVERY BODY to do at home, with minimal equipment, space and time.

Tasha's workouts help create a long & sculpted body using Pilates based exercises, that add feminine tone without bulking and focus on breathing to reduce cortisol & inflammation in the body.

I've added several FREE workouts by Tasha below, so you can get a feel for yourself and see how much you enjoy them too! I know you are going to love Tasha as much as I do and if you do, you can check out T — F STUDIO and sign up for her 7 day FREE TRIAL.

For now, enjoy the workouts below which include: 35 Minute Full Body Pilates, De-Bloat and Improve Digestion, Full Body Sculpting Flow, 7 Min Abs, 7 Min Booty, 7 Min Arms, Cool Down Stretch and How To Warm Up (properly). Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

35 Minute Full Body Pilates

Debloat + Improve Digestion

Full Body Sculpting Flow

7 Minute Abs

7 Minute Booty

7 Minute Arms

Cool Down Stretch

How To Warm Up Correctly

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