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THE PERFECT GIFT - DivvyUp Customized SOCKS!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I have THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA for you guys!

This Mother's Day + Father's Day, I’ll be giving the absolute JOY of my life, my Mama Joy and Papa Ed, these adorable DivvyUp socks that I made for them with my adorable niece & nephews faces on them. I chose blue (my Mom's favorite color to match her gorgeous eyes) and she loves butterflies, so I chose them for the design. It was that easy and fun to create this perfectly special gift!

I am truly obsessed with the brand, DivvyUp who helps you make the cutest custom socks with personal is seriously the best gift ever!!! DivvyUp also offers bulk custom socks (for the whole fam or perhaps a group of friends or teammates or for a bachelor and bachelorette party....the ideas are endless!

Since Father’s Day is right around the corner, I'd like to share my Affiliate Link with you! Just click the link HERE .

I just designed and ordered a pair for Papa Ed, so I will post a picture of them when he opens his Father's Day presents!

You can design a pair for yourself, your bestie, partner, teacher, nurse, doctor, family, first responders, teams ( they sell in bulk too ) ...ANYONE and you can design them with something meaningful to you and to the recipient of the socks .... like I said, the ideas are endless!!!

Also, if all that wasn’t cool enough, DivvyUp was founded with the goal to sustainably provide socks to those in need.....

“Socks. We need socks.”

This was the phrase that started it all! As sophomores in Florida State University’s entrepreneurship program, the students took a trip to their local homeless shelter looking for an opportunity to help. Expecting to hear, “food” or shelter,” the students were surprised to learn that there was a huge need for clean socks. And with that, the inspiration for DivvyUp was born!

Wanting to start immediately, the students professor provided them with a $400 loan to purchase and sell fun socks with a mission to give a pair to the shelter for every pair the community purchases.

Now how cool is that?!? Buy a pair of socks and DivvyUp gives a pair to someone in need!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get some socks!!!!

Once again, be sure to use my Affiliate Link HERE

when purchasing your socks!

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