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5 MONDAY MORNING PROMPTS To Start Your Day + Week Fresh + Focused!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick aka The Skinny Confidential (seen below with her adorable mini me, Zaza) inspired me with her 5 MONDAY MORNING PROMPTS to help start the day / week off FRESH + FOCUSED!

I needed a different system to make my days more focused & harmonious. I haven't been posting as consistently or writing enough as much as I would like. I also want to launch my PODCAST sooner than later. These 5 prompts have started helping me feel more balanced.

Here's what Lauryn suggests:

Grab paper & write the date on the top.

1) List out the PODCAST, BOOK, WORKOUT + MUSIC for your day.

Here are mine:

MUSIC: Kelly Oxford's “A Hard No-Know” playlist on Spotify is filled with dreamy songs from bands that I have & have not heard of before like: Ethel Cain, Squirrel Flower, Joji, Briston Maroney, AJIMAL, TORRES, Lana Del Rey, LCD Soundsystem, Phantogram, FKA twigs, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, SAULT, Julien Baker, Mansionair, Sufjan Stevens, Rostam, Montell Fish and Sophie Cates.
Listen to Kelly's playlist HERE.

WORKOUT: Melissa Wood Health is one of my go-to workouts! Melissa is a mom to two beautiful kiddos, a wife, digital entrepreneur, founder of Melissa Wood Health, creator of The MWH Method, meditator and certified in yoga and Pilates.
Enjoy some of my favorite workouts of Melissa's HERE!

PODCAST: Not Skinny But Not Fat (also known as Amanda Hirsch) is fookin’ hilarious as she talk about all things pop culture and more! I will listen to the latest podcast of Not Skinny But Not Fat while I have my lunch. Check out her podcast available on Spotify courtesy of Dear Media HERE.

BOOK: I'm about to start Demi Moore's "Inside Out" audiobook. I've been really into audiobooks right now so that I can give my eyes a break after being on the computer & phone most days. I save book time close to my bedtime.

I absolutely LOVE the Hoopla Digital app - A FREE web + mobile streaming platform offered by your local library where you can borrow MOVIES, MUSIC, AUDIOBOOKS, & EBOOKS. Ask your local library if they have a free digital app. All you need is a library card! Other digital library apps include: Libby and OverDrive. I believe there is also Google Play Books (but I haven't tried that one yet).
Goodbye late fees!

2) Write down 3-4 things you're grateful for (it can be anything from simple to complex).


* Catching up with my my brother, Anthony and my nephews, Declan and Luca!
All three of these handsome guys make me laugh no like other!

This past week Declan taught me how to code using a website called Scratch. Declan recently built some incredible games & animation programs. I'm beyond impressed with how he teaches himself such complicated things & yet he explains & teaches them to me in an uncomplicated and simple way. Declan is so amazing!

Luca will be playing baseball in the spring so he was telling me about how excited he is to start playing when the weather warms up. Luca also loves to sing Justin Bieber songs to me. He has such a sweet lil' voice!!! His favorites songs to sing to me are "Ghost" and "Stay". Luca makes my heart so happy!

* Seeing pictures of my beautiful niece, Lilly playing in the snow! She lights up my entire world with her smile! Lilly recently has been learning sign language as she is on the autism spectrum. My parents and I are now learning sign language so that we can converse better with our lovely Lilly when we Facetime & when we see her soon! Lilly rocks our world and I can't wait to see her & give her the biggest hug ever!

* Social media - I have a love/hate relationship with social media however, my faith has been renewed seeing so many people share resources to help Ukraine & others in need.

* Instagram - I was able to help find my friend Anne's friends child who is undergoing treatment at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) a donor with the rare B+ blood type. My amazing friend Katrina reached out first as she had shared my post on Instagram and one of her followers from Georgia responded that he was B+. Unfortunately, we later learned that the donor must live in Los Angeles. A few minutes after I re-shared the post indicating L.A. based B+ donors only, my awesome friend Crystal, one of my old dragon boat racing buddies responded within minutes saying she was B+ and I quickly got her in touch with the family.

With everything going on in the world, I've been feeling so helpless, sad & depressed. This reminded me that doing something, anything really for others, even as simple as using your own platform & resources can make a huge difference in someone's life.

"Must Get Done" LIST

Next, there is your MUST GET DONE LIST. This list is different from your general To Do List. Your MUST GET DONE LIST is your NON-NEGOTIABLES that need to get checked off TODAY.

3) Write down how you want to feel.

I Want To FEEL ...

Calm, Intentional and Focused

4) Write down 3 people you are sending good thoughts, health & happiness to.


Mama Joyce , Papa Ed and my brother, Anthony


5) Your TO DO LIST. Write down 6 things in order of importance. Whatever doesn't get done, gets moved to the TO DO LIST for the next day. This exercise will help you gain CLARITY for a PRODUCTIVE day / week!

Let me know your suggestions for





in the comments below!

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