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IMMERSIVE Learning Experiences - This is MASTERCLASS

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

If you're not familiar, MasterClass is a streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to learn from the very best.

MasterClass is an online membership – accessible on your phone, web, Apple TV, Roku devices, & Amazon Fire TV – that offers classes on a wide variety of topics taught by 90+ world-class masters at the top of their fields.

Step into Kelly Wearstler’s design studio, Ron Finley’s garden, and Neil Gaiman’s writing retreat. Improve your serve with Serena Williams, perfect your pitch with Shonda Rhimes, leave the atmosphere with Chris Hadfield and so many more!


Arts & Entertainment / Home & Lifestyle / Music / Writing / Business / Food / Design & Style / Sporting & Gaming / Community & Government / Wellness / Science & Tech

Their immersive learning experiences combine incredible video content, downloadable materials, & social interaction with the MasterClass community, anytime, anywhere (at the park, on an airplane, on the train, during my lunch break etc.) and I can access MasterClass on my phone, tablet, computer, or even just listening with audio mode (if my eyes are tired ) all of which I can explore at my own pace.

Since the pandemic, I'm much more conscious of how I spend my time in a healthier and more meaningful way. I find that when I'm learning about new subjects & interests, it eases my anxiety & depression. For me, learning new things is part of my mental health. This is my new curated way of spending my time. MasterClass is a way for me to be both educated & entertained at the press of a button!

Starting at $180 USD (that's only $15 a month), the Annual Membership allows unlimited access to ALL on demand MasterClass content for the year. You can also give the gift of MasterClass to a loved one! To learn more, watch previews of classes + join MasterClass, click HERE

My Favorite CLASSES

Arts & Entertainment

Photography - Annie Leibovitz
Adventure Photography - Jimmy Chin
Design & Architecture - Frank Gehry
Directing - Ron Howard
Independent Filmmaking - Spike Lee
Creativity & Film - David Lynch
Acting - Natalie Portman
Filmmaking - Martin Scorsese
Acting - Helen Mirren
Filmmaking - Jodie Foster
Comedy - Steve Martin
Acting - Samuel Jackson
Comedy - Judd Apatow
Singing - Christina Aguilera
Storytelling - Levar Burton

Home & Lifestyle

Interior Design - Kelly Wearstler
Dog Training - Brandon McMillan


Songwriting & Producing - Alicia Keys
Creativity & Songwriting - St. Vincent
Electric Guitar - Tom Morello
Art & Soul of Guitar - Carlos Santana
Questlove - Music Curation & DJing


The Power of Personal Branding - Kris Jenner
Disruptive Entrepreneurship - Richard Branson
Business Strategy & Leadership - Bob Iger
Effective & Authentic Communication - Robin Roberts
Self Made Entrepreneurship - Sara Blakely
Designing Your Career - Elaine Welteroth


Storytelling & Humor - David Sedaris
Writing for Television - Shonda Rhimes
Screenwriting - Aaron Sorkin
Writing Thrillers - Dan Brown
Writing - James Patterson
Social Change - Writing for Social Change


Modern Italian Cooking - Massimo Bottura
Restaurant Recipes at Home - Gordon Ramsay
Mexican Cooking - Gabriela Camara
French Pastry Fundamentals - Dominique Ansel
Cooking - Wolfgang Puck
Modern Japanese Cooking - Niki Nakayama
Gardening - Ron Finley
Indian Cooking - Madhur Jaffrey
Southern Cooking - Mashama Bailey

Design & Style

Interior Design - Kelly Wearstler
Self Expression & Authenticity - RuPaul
Makeup & Beauty - Bobbi Brown
Building a Fashion Brand - Diane von Furstenberg
Fashion Design - Marc Jacobs
Creativity & Leadership - Anna Wintour
Graphic Design - David Carson

Sports & Gaming

Poker Strategy - Phil Ivey
Shooting, Ball-Handling & Scoring - Stephen Curry
Tennis - Serena Williams
Ballet Technique & Artistry - Misty Copeland
Skateboarding - Tony Hawk
Rock Climbing - Alex Honnold & Tommy Caldwell

Community & Government

Conservation - Jane Goodall
Creating Change - Malala
Redefining Feminism - Gloria Steinem & Noted Co-Instructors
Empathy - Pharrell Williams & Noted Co-Instructors


Science of Better Sleep - Matthew Walker
Mental Strength - Robin Arzon
Mindfulness & Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn
Sex & Communication - Emily Morse
Wilderness Survival - Jessie Krebs
Yoga Foundations - Donna Farhi
Fitness & Wellness Fundamentals - Joe Holder

Science & Tech

Scientific Thinking & Communication - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Space Exploration - Chris Hadfield


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