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Fun EXERCISE Videos To Do With KIDS

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Whether you're practicing social distancing or it's just a rainy day, these fun free workout videos recommended by family fitness experts are a great way to blow off steam inside! By having your kids work out with you, you are not only helping yourself, but their health and well-being as well. Physical activity can increase our moods, boost our immune systems, and give parents that extra energy you need to care for you little ones.

Getting your children involved in your workouts not only helps keep their bodies healthy, but it can help combat depression, help with motor skills, and my favorite thing is that it's a great way to bond as a family.

"Exercise is a powerful mood-booster, it generates play and silliness for everyone and if you can shift your expectations from it being about your own deep workout time, to a family activity, where everyone gets to move and release pent up energy, you'll find that it is really fun and often a bonding experience for the whole family,"
- Rachel Welch, yoga instructor and founder of Revolution Motherhood in New York City.

Thanks to YouTube, getting in structured, daily movement doesn't have to be intimidating. Here are the best workout videos you can do as a family recommended by fitness professionals.

5 Minute Cardio Stroller Workout

Family Yoga Class

Daily movement allows you to have some time for yourself, and it makes you feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is a fun family yoga workout from Manduka Yoga.

Family Fun Cardio Workout

During this pandemic it is so important for daily movement and activity. Especially if you're working from home for more than 8 hours and you're constantly sitting in front of your computer screen. This is a fun cardio workout.

Home Exercises For Kids with Stephen Trussell

I love this video for its quick, balanced sequence that includes both an adult trainer and kids teaching so that everyone can feel engaged and guided by the video.

Youth Exercise: Zoofari Fun

This is an easy and quick idea to do anywhere to teach kids about animals, and encourage animal movement.

obé strength x KIDZ BOP

This video is a great beginner friendly strength workout to great Kidz Bop tracks.

Walk 15: Family Mile With Nick

This cardio Walk Workout with Nick is so much fun! It gives the whole family an opportunity to get those steps in while doing fun moves laughing, sweating, and just having a good time. Whoever thought walking a mile could be so fun? This workout is for your grandma, grandpa, and even that little toddler who just learned how to walk. This is a perfect workout for the entire family!

30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

This 30-minute Cardio Latin Dance workout is perfect for parents and kids alike because it's like a fun dance party! It gives parents the chance to work on their basic salsa steps, while at the same time it gives the kids a chance to jump around and feel free! Parents and children can have their own little Latin Dance party while they are working up a sweat. They will forget they're even working out in the first place!

Let's Get Moving! Workout

This workout is simple and has cardio, strength and stretching!

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