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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Shannon Nadj is the woman that does it all- effortlessly at that. A boss babe with a notable client list such as Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Dakota Johnson, Selena Gomez, and Sofia Richie and is the owner of the coveted Hot Pilates Studio based in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Her specialty: a high-intensity workout based on the foundation of yoga and pilates in 95-degree heat. Let’s just say everything about this studio, and Nadj, is HOT. Below however, are a series of Shannon Nadj's At Home Workouts that do not require a 95-degree heated studio!

If you don't live in Los Angeles to take her class, don’t sweat it, you can follow along with Nadj below where she offers quick and efficient workouts for those who are on-the-go. Nadj recommends to “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” and to focus on being present and listen to your body. When it comes to her workout motto, Nadj says she is a “quality over quantity type of girl” and that doing the various moves correctly and with purpose is what’s most important.

Enjoy these 6 At Home Workouts with Shannon Nadj

  • 10 Minute Full Body Workout

  • 15 Minute Cardio Blast

  • 20 Minute Beach Body Sculpt

  • 30 Minute Classical Pilates Sequence

  • 10 Stretches That Tone Your Body

  • Exercises to Maintain Good Posture

10 Minute Full Body Workout

15 Minute Cardio Blast

20 Minute Beach Body Sculpt

30 Minute Classical Pilates Sequence

If a high-intensity workout isn’t your vibe but you still want to tone your body, this routine is for you. Shannon Nadj, founder of Hot Pilates in Los Angeles, explains,

“If you’re looking to take your body and workouts to the next level, active recovery and stretching are absolute musts. In the below video, I’m sharing my favorite stretch sequence, which focuses on breath, elongating, and toning. Listen for my cues and be sure to link your breath with each movement for the best results.”

Learn the stretch flow exercises to tone up your figure below:

10 Stretches That Also Tone Your Body

“Good posture is like having a secret weapon. It’s instantly slimming, a confidence builder, and allows you to move through life with grace and ease. If you’ve ever wanted to appear an inch taller without wearing heels, practice these exercises.”

Learn Shannon’s insights and five moves to improve posture below:

Exercises to Maintain Good Posture

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