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OWL VENICE Reset Review - Mama Joy & I Share Our Journey to Optimal Health!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

OWL = One Whole Life

The foundation of OWL is founder, Lindsey Erin’s, personal journey to health. When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, Lindsey committed to living in a way that would minimize the risk of disease. It was this event that began her research on wellness, nutrition, and intuitive eating, and would eventually lead to the creation of OWL Venice.

I very much related to Lindsey when I read about her and her story. We both worked in the music industry. She is an inspiration to me as an entrepreneur. She is an organic plant based foodie like Mama Joy and I. And her story about her Mom most especially touched me as my "superSHERO" Mama Joy had two breast lumpectomy surgeries for DCIS Stage 0 breast cancer.

Initially, Lindsey began experimenting with an organic, plant-based diet that limited meat and processed foods, and found that she was still experiencing constant allergy symptoms, digestive issues, and acne. In an attempt to resolve these issues, Lindsey began a diet geared to treat GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) which incorporated bone broth as a healing agent. After struggling to find pre-made broth that was void of common allergens, Lindsey began making her own bone broth with locally-sourced bones and an array of herbs and veggies. Through months of testing and development, she created a broth recipe that tasted more like a tea than a traditional stock, OWL’s signature flagship product.

OWL currently offers chicken, turkey, beef, bison, and vegan mineral Broth Elixirs, organic vegan mylkshakes, a 4, 6, and 8 day Reset cleanse program to heal and seal the gut, and an organic, oil-based skincare line. OWL also offers health coaching services with flexible sessions to fit your schedule and budget.

As more people discover the benefits of using OWL products, Lindsey & the OWL family will continue innovating, exploring, and sharing new ways to live better with those looking to transform their health and overall wellness. That is why I very much wanted to collaborate with Lindsey & the OWL family and to be able to share with you, my wonderful community, Mama Joy and I's honest review after doing the 4 day OWL Reset. This is just the beginning of our journey to optimal health!

Along with OWL’s mission to heal the body, OWL is also committed to healing the environment. This is why they maintain a minimal waste policy that requires the mylkshakes (non-dairy) are made-to-order and the broths are pressure canned. All of OWL’s goods are packaged in glass, which is not only 100% recyclable, it is free of chemicals that could negatively impact the flavor and aroma of their products. I mean, what's not to love?


OWL Venice gifted Mama Joy and I, The Owl Reset right to our front door. It felt like Christmas morning when the box arrived! Check out my Instagram HERE to watch my recap of it's arrival and how I documented our 4 day Reset!

We both had our reasons for wanting to try the Reset. Mama Joy, as I mentioned above, had lumpectomy surgery for calcifications in her breast. She also did a few weeks of radiation as well....DURING THE PANDEMIC might I add! She became malnourished and lost a lot of weight, moreso from the stress of having to go through another lumpectomy + the pandemic + being in quarantine + not seeing her son and grandchildren.

My Mom is an absolute warrior, goddess, "superSHERO" and my best friend. She was her usual busy self (as much as she could) during that time still wanting to care for others and I wanted her to stop, slow down and practice self care. Nothing is more important than our health. What we put into our bodies and how we allow our bodies to move, flow and rest is so very important to our minds, vitality and longevity.

I had my own reasons for wanting to do the Reset and it was a combination of many things. I had gone through a real mental breakdown during the pandemic. I started virtual therapy and was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Anxiety Disorder and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Besides that, I have High Blood Pressure, Anemia and a Liver Hemangioma. I too like Mama Joy became extremely malnourished during the pandemic. When I am stressed, I don't have an appetite. I am still malnourished as I have also been suffering from Insomnia (for decades) as well. Lucky me, right? With that, I have been sleeping when the sun rises, sleeping in late thereby missing and skipping meals (unintentionally), so I would then have breakfast for lunch and then dinner. Two meals a day. I have been working closely with my therapist to do more self care and work on my sleep hygiene. The road has not been easy as I am still working on issues that keep me up at night. The Owl Reset is part of my self care, resetting and getting back to a healthy lifestyle. As I started The Owl Reset, I found that I slept better than ever and I actually had energy to spare.

I also recently had a mercury filling removed at the dentist and both Mama Joy & I have had a few MRI's, Ultrasounds, Mammograms and Radiation. The OWL Reset contains ingredients that DRAW TOXINS + HEAVY METALS from the body. This was another MAJOR REASON why we both wanted to do The OWL Reset.

What we loved about The Owl Reset is that it feels very comforting. They offer options if you need to add in food, and there is no judgement if you do. Our bodies thrived on the Reset, and it created a clean slate to really think about what you are choosing to put into your body. The broths are nourishing and the mylkshakes are BEYOND FILLING! My favorite is the Magic Matcha made with bananas and coconut meat!

Have you ever tried a cleanse / reset before? The OWL Reset program is research based and designed to heal and seal the gut. Unlike a juice cleanse (been there, done that, not for me), The OWL Reset is actually nourishing!

The OWL Reset is packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats & essential vitamins & minerals. With over 1,500 calories per day and over 50 grams of protein per day, you'll be able to cleanse, while keeping up with work and even workouts! The OWL Reset even allows for supplementation. Each day you get 3 different broth elixirs and 3 superfood hemp mylkshakes to fuel your day and restore your microbiome!

We appreciated the option to eat from a selected group of foods. Knowing we could, if we wanted to, made it easier.

Pros: better sleep, better brighter clear skin, facial bloating gone, body heaviness gone, gut healing. I felt like my mind was clearer as in, I was able to sit with my thoughts & stay focused when trying to meditate and do my work. That rarely happens. What was different was my ability to function in daily life. I slowed down, but I was able to go for walks and stretch and tone. The broth elixirs and mylkshakes have been an integral part of my healing from chronic digestive and hormonal issues.

Mama Joy mentioned that for her, she was hesitant to embark on a 4 day reset cleanse, but was positively surprised that the broths and shakes were enough for her not to feel hungry! But again, we both decided to incorporate food from the approved list. Mama Joy has been dealing with arthritis and osteoporosis and during the cleanse the pain she feels in her joints diminished considerably.

OWL Venice is by far THE BEST in their exceptional quality of hand picked and carefully chosen ingredients and taste (there are so many recipe options on their blog) so you are never bored with what you are eating & drinking!
It also took so much stress away from Mama Joy & I having to shop and buy all these powerhouse herbs, minerals, roots & vegetables. We would not know where to start or what to buy and why. OWL Venice takes all the guesswork & stress away and we know we are getting all the proper and absolute stellar nutrition with every meal, every day.
The genuine love and support from Lindsey and her amazing Certified Health Coaches along with the "OWL's Nest" (a private Facebook group) is unparalleled. We felt fully supported, as a family and as a team.

Recommendations: Ladies: I do not recommend doing this reset if you are on your period -- especially if you get anemic ( like I am ). I recommend getting the pre + post reset guides to help you transition in and out of the reset. I also recommend doing your first reset with a buddy! It's way more fun and you have someone who understands what you're doing and is also absorbing the positive benefits.

The goal is to nourish, not deprive.

This is what dinner looks like on the OWL Reset: Their Bold Beet Mylkshake, Broth Elixir of your choice (Vegan or Chicken or Beef Bone Broth) and approved Reset foods. While the broth elixirs and mylkshakes in the Reset provide ample nutrients, you are encouraged to listen to your body and add in certain foods as necessary. Not everyone chooses to eat while doing the Reset, but for anyone who feels hungry or low energy, OWL's Certified Health Coaches, recommend introducing any of the foods on their approved foods list. Mama Joy and I did just that on a few occasions.



You have questions, OWL has answers. Check out their FAQ page to learn more HERE

The Owl Reset

Based on the principles of *Ayurveda and *Chronobiology, the OWL Reset consists of three healing broth elixirs and three nutrient-dense mylkshakes packed with ingredients that restore and repair the gut wall, increase digestive fire, reduce inflammation, and draw toxins and heavy metals from the body. While other cleanse programs deplete the body of essential nutrients, the OWL Reset nourishes the body, resets the gastrointestinal system, and fosters the optimal conditions for an elimination diet.

  • Handcrafted With Organic Ingredients

  • Locally + Sustainably Sourced

  • Void of Common Allergens

  • Infused With Medicinal Herbs

*Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing.” It stems from the ancient Vedic culture and was taught for many thousands of years in an oral tradition from accomplished masters to their disciples. Some of this knowledge was set to print a few thousand years ago, but much of it is inaccessible. The principles of many of the natural healing systems now familiar in the West have their roots in Ayurveda, including Homeopathy and Polarity Therapy.

*Chronobiology is a field of biology that examines timing processes, including periodic phenomena in living organisms, such as their adaptation to solar- and lunar-related rhythms. These cycles are known as biological rhythms. In short, it means eating around our circadian rhythms. Studies show that it is possible to train the body by eating eating certain meals at certain times each day to improve the body's digestive performance & reduce risk of gastrointestinal issues.


What's Inside?

  • 4 DAY RESET = 6 broth elixirs + 6 mylkshakes*

  • 6 DAY RESET = 9 broth elixirs + 9 mylkshakes*

  • 8 DAY RESET = 12 broth elixirs + 12 mylkshakes*

  • Los Angeles / Pickup Orders come with pre-made mylkshakes!

Mama Joy LOVED the BOLD BEET Mylkshake the most and it contains so many amazing benefits:

Beets increase blood flow and improve circulation. They also boost brain function and athletic performance. The Bold Beet Mylkshake also contains hemp hearts, turmeric, ginger & triphala powder which is an Ayurvedic herb that regulates digestion.

I LOVED both the MAGIC MATCHA and GOLDEN GINGER mylkshake! I would dust our Golden Ginger mylkshakes with a sprinkle of coconut flakes and cinnamon. The Golden Ginger is packed with hemp hearts (for a healthy dose of protein), kabocha squash ( rich fiber content ), a touch of sweet slippery elm (to aid digestion), ginger and turmeric (to reduce inflammation & boost the immune system) cinnamon (curb cravings & lower blood sugar) and cardamom (to fight free radicals, aid in digestion & improve circulation).

The GOLDEN GINGER mylkshake helps with all kinds of digestive stress, such as Crohn's and IBS. It also aids in weight loss and reduces stress.

The MAGIC MATCHA is packed with magical ingredients like spirulina (from the brand, Imlakesh) matcha, ceylon cinnamon, bentonite clay, hemp hearts & sweetened up a smidge with green plantains. I also added bananas and coconut meat to our mylkshake. It's the perfect pick me up and SUPER FILLING that also works to detox and pull those nasty heavy metals from the body.

Mama Joy and I both felt like we reinvigorated our mind and bodies with The OWL Reset. The GOLDEN GINGER Mylkshake (as well as the Broth Elixirs) contain turmeric.
Besides turmeric being a powerful anti-inflammatory, natural liver detoxifier & kidney cleanser, it's also thought to have a host of health benefits including: antioxidant, digestive, antiplatelet (decreases clotting), cholesterol lower and anti-carcinogenic properties.

We also added in kabocha squash which is a supersized dose of Vitamin A and a sweet nutrient dense treat! This "Japanese pumpkin" is essential for healthy white blood cells & the source of several key antioxidants that are great for immunity and healthy skin, hair and eyes. Kabocha squash has a lower glycemic load than sweet potato and pumpkin, so it doesn't cause the blood sugar to spike.

DAILY MENU MORNING 16 oz. Broth Elixir 16 oz. Magic Matcha Shake NOON 16 oz. Broth Elixir 16 oz. Golden Ginger Shake NIGHT 16 oz. Broth Elixir 16 oz. Bold Beet Shake


1 jar = 32 oz. = 2 servings 1 Mylkshake packet = 32 oz. = 2 servings

Mama Joy and I loved starting our slow cozy mornings with a cup of our Vegan Mineral Broth Elixir. Just heat it on the stove, add a squeeze of lemon, to boost immunity, alkalize the body and lubricate the joints. Super easy, peasy!

Another one of the powerful ingredients that is in the broth elixirs is sage. We didn't know that much about sage but learned that it is the most ancient healer of all. Sage can aid in digestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation & bloating. It also improves memory, focus, concentration, stimulates cognitive function and can help ease depression. It is also amazing for brightening & toning skin and for silky shiny hair! Sage is where it's at, my friends!

What we also liked was that the broth elixirs are void of common allergens like onion and garlic. This way, everyone can enjoy, especially those with sensitive tummies! And, you can always add your own spices & veggies too. My Dad even tried my Golden Ginger Pumpkin soup that I made one night and licked the bowl clean!

The Broth Elixirs stand on their own, but they also make a great base for soups like I did with the Golden Ginger packet. I added the broth elixir (Vegan for Mama Joy & I and Chicken for Papa Ed) with the Golden Ginger packet, then added pumpkin puree and tossed it all in our new Ninja blender. The I just warmed it up on the stove to make a soup that's full of flavor and beyond nutritious and delicious!

Fennel is another super beneficial ingredient in the Broth Elixirs. Fennel is a great source of calcium and helps improve overall bone health. It also lowers blood pressure, aids in digestion, decreases risk of heart disease, and may even prevent cancer.



Those who have done, are about to do, or are currently doing the OWL Reset are invited to join *The Owl's Nest, a private Facebook group of like minded individuals all on the path of healing! They will answer any questions + offer support before, during + after your OWL Reset. Plus, they regularly post tips + tricks to help you optimize your health all year long! *You’ll receive your invite via email after placing your order.

Based on the principles of Ayurveda and Chronobiology, the OWL Vegan Reset consists of OWL's Vegan Mineral Broth Elixir and nutrient-dense Mylkshakes packed with ingredients that restore and repair the gut wall, increase digestive fire, reduce inflammation, and draw toxins and heavy metals from the body. While other cleanse programs deplete the body of essential nutrients, the OWL Vegan Reset nourishes the body, resets the gastrointestinal system, and fosters the

optimal conditions for an elimination diet. The Vegan Mineral Broth has many of the same benefits of OWL's traditional bone broths thanks to the alchemy of herbs, sea vegetable (kombu), mushrooms (woodear, cordyceps & shiitake) and moringa.

Moringa has 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas! It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help your body heal and build muscle. It's also packed with antioxidants, substances that can protect cells from damage and may boost your immune system.

I hope you learned a lot from this post about the Owl Venice Reset Program and Mama Joy and I's amazing experience. I know we did! Please do share with me your thoughts, comments & questions! I always love hearing from all of you!

Lastly, below are all the options available to you from OWL Venice. As far as the Reset goes, you can do a 4, 6, 8 or even 21 Day Reset. If you are so inclined, you can upgrade to the Gold Package, buy a Reset Meal Plan Ebook and even shop for items individually! I'll break it all down for you....

You can upgrade your OWL Reset to the Gold Package by adding dietary, mental, emotional and physical components to the OWL Reset protocol- a value of $218, yours for $100.

OWL's Glass Bottle and Ceramic Travel Mug fit the 16 oz. Broth Elixir and Mylkshake portions, so you can take your cleanse where ever the day leads you.

OWL's 10 Day Reset Meal Plan properly prepares your body leading up to your cleanse, and helps ease you back into your typical diet following the cleanse, while OWL's Lifestyle & Recipe Guide informs, educates, and further expands your recipe repertoire.

OWL's Digestive Bitters supplement ensures your digestive system is activated to its full potential, and can be used after your cleanse to help avoid those pesky symptoms that can arise after consuming foods that might irritate the gut.

Did you know that 95% of all serotonin in our bodies is stored in our gut? These two organs, our gut & brain, communicate with each other to keep us healthy, strong and happy. Happy gut = happy brain!

OWL Health Coach Lillian Jacobs guides you through short, daily meditations and imparts cleansing tips to make your Reset journey as smooth as possible, and OWL Yoga Practitioner Luis Briceno guides you through daily all-levels yoga sessions, all of which are no longer than 15 minutes so you can easily work them into your day.

NOTE: this does not include the OWL Reset Cleanse Program. The OWL Reset must be purchased separately.

At OWL, they are firm believers that what you eat BEFORE and AFTER a cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. To give you guidance on your cleanse journey we’ve created the Reset Meal Plan based on solar nutrition principles to maximize the healing benefits of the OWL Reset.

The Meal Plan is broken up into two sections: a 5 Day Pre-Cleanse Plan to get your body and mindset prepared for the OWL Reset, and a 5 Day Post-Cleanse Plan to help reintegrate you back to your

typical diet afterwards. Almost all recipes

included are vegan, and those that are not

can easily be made vegan with suggested



  • 5 day pre-cleanse plan

  • 5 day post-cleanse plan

  • Grocery shopping list

  • Recipes for mylks, soups, salads & entrees

This digital ebook contains recipes from OWL's Lifestyle Guide & Recipe E-Book.

A 3 week cleanse that removes inflammatory foods and incorporates selfcare rituals to Reset the body & mind. The OWL 21 Day Reset offers lots of flexibility to adjust the protocol to meet your own dietary needs. Feel supported and connected to your body with the added guidance of pre-recorded Health Coaching seminars, all-levels Yoga Classes, and delicious meal recipes. All this makes this 21 Day program so much more than your typical cleanse; instead, expect a nourishing and enjoyable experience that will help you become more in tune with what your physical, mental and emotional selves need to thrive.

What's Inside?


for days 4-8 of the 21 Day Program


with recipes created by OWL Health Coaches


record your process & relationship with food


pre-recorded with OWL Coach Lillian Jacobs


pre-recorded with Yoga Instructor Luis Briceno

Wellness Services


OWL Venice offers several different methods of health coaching, with a team of licensed and experienced wellness experts. OWL works closely with you to address your diet & lifestyle factors impacting your health and come up with

customized approaches.




Yoga sessions at OWL are tailored to fit your needs, whether it be establishing a yoga practice from the ground up or taking an experienced practice to the next level. If you have injuries or health concerns this is the perfect way to practice under safely under the guidance of an experienced teacher.




Shop for all items individually

Enter my 10% OFF Coupon Code at checkout:





Additional photos courtesy of: Owl Venice

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