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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Kale and Krunches aka Marlie Cohen is a Toronto based health and fitness fanatic. Marlie didn't always have a healthy lifestyle. In fact, quite the opposite. She grew up keeping active in dance classes but was always reaching for the junk food. It wasn’t until she entered the corporate workforce that her weight and health started catching up to her and she realized she needed a change.

Marlie started meal prepping, working out and implementing small changes into her routine that made a huge difference in her life. People started to take notice – She looked healthier and they wanted to know what her secrets were! Marlie loved sharing her tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle that, after 5 years of letting her fear get in the way, she decided to start her Instagram account.

Marlie's account started to gain a lot of traction and she knew she wanted to leave her full-time job to pursue health and fitness but she didn’t know where to start. She kept up with her corporate real estate job all while creating content on Instagram, teaching spin classes before and after work, and decided to get her certifications to become a personal trainer and a certified Holistic Health Coach. Eventually Marlie gained enough courage to leave real estate to pursue fitness full-time.

Those first two years after leaving her job were spent personal training clients, teaching group classes, creating weekly vlogs on YouTube and content on Instagram.

In May 2019, Marlie and her husband welcomed their baby girl, Lily Scarlett. Marlie and her husband are expecting another baby this year! Marlie continues to create content on all her channels where you can workout with her.

Be sure to check out Marlie's website too: Kale and Krunches for more inspiration!

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