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Is Quarantine & Lockdown Making You Crazy?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Everyday can seem monotonous + like groundhog day right now, especially if you are living in a colder climate + pretty much stuck indoors. I try to remind myself, the sun will be shining again soon + the snow will be melting away.

Until then, I've put together some helpful tips that I have been using as I try to stay sane during these uncertain times. I hope you enjoy these helpful tips. I'd love it if you would share what you have been doing to stay sane as well! Ok, let's dive into it! Check out these tips + let me know whatcha' think......


Being in the same environment day in, day out is draining. Try rearranging your living spaces to create fresh space. Everyone I know is doing this + everyone I follow on Instagram is doing it too + honestly, it's a fun creative outlet. Instead of shopping, you get to discover stuff you already have in a new light or switch out things from other rooms. The possibilities are endless, really! Have fun with it...nothing is set in stone!


I'm sure many of you have seen The Home Edit series or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. You might even have their books. If you have not, I highly recommend both to get you inspired!

A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind. If you are a pack rat + messy, just pick one thing per day if it seems too overwhelming + work yourself up from there. Pick a drawer one day, then another drawer or cabinet the next, or if you are like me, do all the drawers! Move to your closets another day, then your children(s) toy room, kitchen pantry, fridge etc. It's a great time to put together items for the less fortunate + our homeless communities. Find out what organization in your area needs items the most + donate items there.

Go through your important papers and make sure you don't have extra things you don't need. Perhaps, you the next step you can do is create a binder for ONLY important papers. After, putting them together, be sure to purchase a fireproof document bag for these important papers.

Another thing I have been doing slowly but surely, has been organizing and uploading ALL our family photos. God forbid, something happened to our house where the pictures were in danger, I wanted to make sure that I have all of our photos uploaded online.

I keep the photos on a private family website that I created via Shutterfly + I also uploaded most of the photos to a private Facebook. If something ever happens to those, then don't worry, my OCD already took care of that + I made other multiple back ups to storage the photos. It was fun to put all these photos in some sort of chronological order + also gift some of the extra copies to family. Now, our photos have a easy to find system for when we want to make a card or switch out a frame or just pull them out + relive all the wonderful memories together!

Give Yourself Some Credit!

It's normal to feel like we're just existing right now, but give yourself some credit. I'm serious. That is an achievement in itself! Truly. At the beginning of quarantine, I honestly didn't get out of bed some days. Some of it was from insomnia + debilitating anxiety + some days, I got in a real deep depression that made me feel frozen in place. Be gentle with yourself + also, seek help if you are feeling like it is getting worse. I will talk more about mental health in upcoming posts, so I do hope you stay tuned for those posts. Just please hear me when I say, give yourself credit. You are doing the best you can given these circumstances.

Find the silver lining, if you are with family, pick movie nights, pick a recipe to cook together or take turns, take time for yourself with a bubble bath or hot shower. Read a book that you've been putting off or listen to a funny, upbeat podcast. I will have an upcoming post with my favorite podcasts! Or write. Write like you've never written before + get it all out. It's so therapeutic to write. Once you get going, I guarantee you won't wanna stop! I have an Erin Condren Life Planner™ which was gifted to me by my parents as a birthday present this past July...get yours HERE.


Question if your routine is working for you right now, do you have one? If not, try + create a routine that involves getting outside + do things you enjoy. I have to say, my Dad is really the best when it comes to routine. He has been working out every day doing his favorite YouTube workouts like Bowflex with Tom Holland + Bodyfit by Amy. I commend him so much, because he does them religiously + he also just wrote a post we are going to share on Tuesday where my Dad wrote about his 50 pound weight loss + health journey. I know you will be inspired by his story + I can't wait to share.

There are also so many wonderful tutorials on YouTube as well to learn something new. Key in anything you have an interest in and viola! You now have a new hobby to dive into + learn about more + more each day. Do you need a routine to help your mind + slowing down? There are also wonderful video meditations you can do to help you relax + quiet your mind. There are ones that are short + there are ones that go on for hours if you have trouble getting to sleep. There is also something called a sound bath. Look it up on YouTube + let me know what you think after you have tried it out.

One of the last tips I want to share with you (I'm sure I will have others in future posts), is the one below + I think is the most important + achievable.

Daily Well Being Check In...

I have a list of 5 things that I consider an important part of daily self care. I will do a daily well being check-in to see where I am at in the day and enjoy those 5 things. They include:

  • 72 ounces of water

  • 30 minute walk

  • 15 minute workout

  • 10 minute meditation

  • 10 minute journaling

Please let me know if this post helped you

+ let me know some of your tips on staying sane during these times.

Drop me a few lines in the comments below.... I look forward to hearing from you!

One last thing, here is a video called "Andra Tutto Bene" which is Italian for, "Everything Will Be Fine" which I thought of when I saw the photo above of the two little girls holding signs out of their window.

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Unknown member
Feb 20, 2021

What an Amazing Lockdown Blog - It gave me so much hope that things will get better soon

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