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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I recently had my first surgery (...and hopefully last) + I thought I would share what I packed for the hospital + the recovery items I'm using which are either available in my shop or my Amazon list here.



This is my second time doing the reset. The first time I did it was during the pandemic with my Mama Joy who, at the time had to get a lumpectomy + radiation. I joined her on the reset as I was stressed, not sleeping, not taking care of myself + therefore becoming very malnourished.

You can read about our first reset experience in my post, OWL Venice Reset Review - Mama Joy + I Share Our Journey to Optimal Health here.

This time, I wanted to have nourishing food on hand that was quick + easy as I recovered from my head surgery. Prior to surgery I had an assortment of Ultrasounds + an MRI with + without contrast + medication pre + post surgery (propofol + codeine) + antibiotic (keflex), so I really wanted to detox from all of that + start at a better baseline for my gut health as I was recovering.

This is exactly what I ate daily for breakfast, lunch + dinner.

What I love about this reset is that you are not fully restricting yourself + you can add in cleanse friendly foods like berries, cooked veggies, boiled chicken + more!


While other cleanses risk depriving your body of essential nutrients, the OWL Reset helps nourish you with healing herbs, minerals, collagen, protein, key superfoods + ingredients.

Sometimes I would switch it up + want the Golden Ginger for breakfast + the Magic Matcha for lunch.

And for any of my allergen riddled friends + fam, I have wonderful news for you!

The OWL Reset is void of common food allergens such as gluten, dairy, garlic, nuts, onion, added sugar + inflammatory ingredients.

*Please consult with your doctor if you have known histamine intolerance to bone broth or allergies or food sensitivities.

Prior to my surgery, my lovely OWL Venice Fam gifted me not only the reset but their new OWL Supplement Kit. I was so thrilled because when I found out that I needed surgery, I got in my feels + got depressed, binged Netflix + ate my feelings with with sugary snacks late at night. My gut, weight, stamina + mood suffered from going that route + I made a promise to
myself that I was going to wipe the slate clean.

The OWL Supplement Kit could not have arrived at a better time. It has been my saving grace, making me feel back in control of myself, my body + my choices. My gut feels so much better, my mood has shifted to being passionate + inspired again + I'm back on a better sleep schedule....Netflix can wait!

The OWL Supplement Kit is the perfect on-the-go bundle, for complete care of your digestive system. The kit restores your gut + liver with an all-natural blend of wild-crafted herbs, made to keep your body functioning at its highest level. The kit includes the following items:

  • Digestive Bitters (Optimize Digestion) - delicious, freshens breath, contains antimicrobial properties, relieves bloating after meals + stomach cramping + supports the immune system!

  • Liver Boost (Detoxify) - A must for your prime detox organ + also supports gut health! I keep the liver boost + digestive bitters (above) in my purse when I eat out at restaurants or overindulge. It helps support the natural detox process, decreases liver inflammation, protects against damage from free radicals + inflammation + contains antibacterial properties.

  • Yeast Buster (Balance) - My absolute saving grace when I have late night sugar cravings! The Buster as I now call it, helps alleviate yeast infections, combats candida, contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial + anti-parasitic properties (...cuz ya girl loves sushi). And if that isn't enough, it also helps alleviate skin conditions (my skin has been - no joke, sahara desert dry) . Oh ya, and once again it ALSO reduces inflammation too!

  • Gut Sweep (Regulate Digestion) - aloe vera + marshmallow root is so helpful for digestion + "gets things moving" if ya know what I mean ;-) ....POOP! I mean POOP! It repairs gut lining + soothes the digestive tract.

Enter my 10% OFF Coupon Code at checkout:




PIQUE's B•T Fountain - Beauty Electrolyte sachets were the MVP of my hospital bag so that I could stay hydrated before + after my recent head surgery. A few weeks ago, after my pre-op appointment at Jersey Shore University Medical Center we took advantage of the beautiful weather + went to relax at our favorite beach spot 🏖️ Lucky for me, I had one sachet left + made my delicious yuzu
berry drink right on the spot! All it was missing was tons of ice cubes. I love it on the rocks!

Includes These 4 Items:

+ B•T Fountain Beauty Electrolyte (box of 28 sachets)
+ Sun Goddess Matcha Tea (box of 28 sachets)
+ Free Rechargeable Frother
+ Free Mixing Beaker
+ Free US Shipping + Returns (90 day money back if you're not satisfied)


✔️ Yuzu berry electrolyte = supports beauty from within.
✔️ Ceramides = skin elasticity + reduces fine lines.
✔️ Hyaluronic acid = youthful glow
✔️ Electrolytes + minerals = deep hydration

✔️ Firms + brightens skin
✔️ Chlorophyll = skin clarity
✔️ L-theanine = reduces stress induced breakouts.
✔️ 100% Organic, ceremonial grade + quadruple toxin screened.

My Overnight BAG

SOCKS - DivvyUp (custom)
SOCKS - Barefoot Dreams

My Toiletry BAG

TOOTHPASTE - Lumineux or Boka (If above is sold out, I use these)


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