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DESIGN INSPO - Dream Home Gym

After my previous post, Gym Equipment + Fitness Essentials I started to pin some of my favorite home gym designs that I've come across for future reference. Below are just a few of the designs that I'm manifesting for my dream home!

HOME GYM Of My Dreams

pic courtesy of #pinterest

HOME GYM with a View

pic courtesy of #archdaily

YOGA Studio

Looking for morning workout motivation? How about a home yoga studio? Blush pink walls + alabaster fixtures give this space its occupants a beautiful workout glow.

Interior by: @amycarmandesign

Photo by: @rjhcreative

GYM in a Box

"Gym in a Box" is what Technogym + Alexander Design have envisioned for you + the place that matters most: your home.


LIGHTING + Visual Appeal

Designed by: ONEHOUSE Architects

Proper lighting in a home gym is essential for both safety + motivation. Beyond preventing accidents, good lighting enhances your workout space's visual appeal + makes you + your physique look good.

Adequate illumination boosts confidence + provides a positive aesthetic environment, fostering motivation + a sense of accomplishment during exercise.

Thoughtfully chosen décor enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, encouraging consistency in fitness routines by making the environment enjoyable + visually appealing.


IG: @ hausofdesign.hod

This bold, modern + clean design is a total knockout at the @ boxhaus_studio in Newport Beach, California.

COMPACT Gym Studio

Designed by: by LeQB Architects


The main muscles used to perform aerial silks moves are the arms, legs + abdominal area. Therefore, arm, leg, grip + core strength are greatly improved. Stamina is also strengthened as well. Certain aerial exercises can be practised to enhance the muscles.

100+ More LUXURY GYM Design Ideas

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