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COVID Essentials - My List Of Things To Have On Hand

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

After 2 1/2 years of not getting Covid, my parents and I......... got Covid.

I'm beyond grateful that we somehow miraculously never got it early on in the pandemic. I still wonder if it was because of my clinical OCD micromanaging everyone around me that kept Covid at bay...with my incessant reminders of..."don't touch that door knob without a tissue....go wash your hands...put your mask on....clean your phone...." and the list goes on.

With that said, I suppose it was inevitable at some point that it caught up to us. I'm just grateful that we had the vaccine (just my do you) and I'm especially so grateful that my parents we able to fight it + not end up in the hospital like so many other unfortunate souls. Hearing how a good friend of mine lost her Dad to Covid sent me into a spiral of depression in the early stages of the pandemic during the worldwide quarantine.

Whatever I needed to do to help my parents survive this, sign me up.
If a mask would help, I did it.
If a vaccine helped, I did it.
I would do anything for them.

My Dad is semi-retired, but retirement has been quite hard for him. He loved his job + being around people + coordinating events with his coworkers. A few months ago, he took a part time job at the local YMCA at the front desk. Most likely, that is where he got Covid. My Mom + I were fine for a few days until I felt a bit sick. I was completely like, "oh this is a tickle...or's nothing" It really felt like nothing....until a few days later + was Covid. By the time, I got Covid my Dad was feeling better + then a few days after me, my Mom got it too.

Below, I have compiled a list of things to have on hand to help with the discomforts of having Covid. If you are high risk ANY upper respiratory virus can be a challenge, so bookmark this post for future reference. Being prepared is far better than being surprised.

A Few Powerful Tools To Prepare For COVID

  • Water - I suggest keeping a bottle near your nightstand so it's there for easy access + so you don't forget to keep drinking. If you can, keep track to make sure you are drinking enough. It was great to have it nearby because I honestly would wake up from my slumber + not remember if I drank anything, what day it was or what time it was! I like to keep these water bottle on hand.

  • Warm Bath or Shower - If you can muster up the energy, it's good to freshen up + upon waking, get the sick sweat off. I was getting a lot of hot + cold flashes so it felt so good to do this for my mind + for self care. Whenever I take a warm bath or shower, I feel slightly less depressed when I come out. I feel slightly more invigorated + less tense. Oh, I also like to hang a eucalyptus bundle in my shower + sprinkle some epsom salt in my bath. If you can, start using a sauna regularly to induce heat shock proteins.

  • Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Podcasts - Because I'm a nerd + proud of it, I actually keep an ongoing list of all these so I can remember to catch up on any given one of them so I'm not just aimlessly searching for something to listen to or watch. When migraines were kicking my ass, it helped to have podcasts on hands so I could close my eyes + just listen + get my mind off of my ailments for the time being.

  • Sleep + Rest - Don't mess up your sleep! Messed up sleep leads to messed up immune responses. I would know...It actually took me longer to recover from Covid than my parents. I attribute that to my horrible sleep + OCD where I have been pushing myself with projects + living on west coast time while I'm east coast living! I implore you to use this time wisely + GET YOUR REST! Occasionally, I will sometimes take Ora Organic's "You're A Knockout" natural sleep aid supplement. You can order yours HERE but as always, check with your doctor first before taking mine or anyone's advice.

Things I Have On Hand

To Help Me Through Any ILLNESS

  • Chicken Broth, Bone Broth (or) Mineral Vegan Broth - I would suggest to just constantly sip on some when you get hungry. It's so soothing for your throat between all the coughing + dryness. You can add veggies, orzo or noodles of choice to the broth or have it by itself. I always like to have broths on hand from OWL Venice, which you can check out HERE.

  • Expand A Lung: Lung Exerciser. You can use it to keep your lungs working + it’s great as you recover to move the lungs + get the muck out. It helps you cough it up + move it out!

  • Oxygen Cans - These are helpful when you need extra O2. Not everyone has actual medical grade oxygen tanks at home for when energy or Pulse Ox gets too low. When one is low on oxygen it sets panic in, logic goes out the door + getting a little O2 can do wonders.

  • Pulse Oximeter - This is a MUST have. You need to monitor it during any/all illness. Some health insurance programs offer these in their discount program so I suggest looking into it to see if your insurance does too.

  • Hat + Socks - I LOVE these when I’m not feeling well. I’m a firm believer in keeping your head + your feet warm at all times when ill.

  • Vapor Rub - I prefer Maty's brand which is a petroleum free rub. This one is tried + true! It really helps to have someone else massage it vigorously into your back + apply to the chest as well. Then use the lung exerciser or nebulizer + move those lungs! This is more a stimulant of olfaction + blood flow more than anything.

  • Foam Roller - This was key for me to use daily to keep my thoracic spine moving. Your thoracic spine innervates your lungs + digestion + I wanted to keep things moving + stimulated to work optimally.

  • Saline Nasal Wash - A tried + true helper that keeps the nasal mucosa happy. This one is squishy so it can really get stuff to move. You can use the included saline packets in distilled water + add a xylitol packet to bust up any biofilms present. It’s helpful regardless of what kind of inflamed sinus issues I’m having.

  • Nebulizer - A wonderful + simple tool to help your lungs when they get hit. You may prefer the soothing help of simple saline packets.


HYGIENE Essentials

Healthy Meal DELIVERY

Some of us take our health for granted + it's not only until our bodies are crying out to us when we sometimes take it more seriously. The biggest risk factors with getting Covid are lack of physical exercise and frailty. I know when I got sick, I was thinking about all the nature walks and sunshine I was going to enjoy when I felt better again. I wish you + your family good health and I hope this list of suggestions help.

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Jo-ann Fusco-Zink
Jo-ann Fusco-Zink
Dec 12, 2022

Very thorough advice. I'm printing it out so I have it on hand and also the websites to order products I may want to get. Thank you Nicole for always putting valuable info in your blog . Very helpful for so many including little old me


Dec 15, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much for your kind message + thoughtful words, darling Jo-ann 💗 It's reasons like this that I share what I do. I hope you are feeling some relief post Covid as well. I know you've had a rough time recovering & maybe some of these items may be of some help. I haven't been as good with exercise + movement & as lil' ole me ( gets back into a routine, the foam roller has really helped my neck + back! We must take care of our bodies from the inside out....mind, body + soul 💗

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