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PURITY COFFEE - A Health Conscious Coffee Company. First Time Customers Get 20% OFF!

Updated: May 8, 2023

How is PURITY COFFEE different from all other coffee brands?

They produce coffee with a single goal in mind…maximizing the health benefits.

In this short video, founders Andrew Salisbury + Jon Butcher discuss Purity’s relentless focus on health throughout every step of the production chain. From the beans they select to how the coffee is packaged, no corners are ever cut at the expense of health benefits. This strict adherence to their core standards is what sets Purity apart from any other coffee company in the world.

My mom, Mama Joy is an avid coffee drinker. Since it is something she likes and enjoys often (every morning), I wanted to be sure that she is putting THE cleanest + purest coffee in her body.

We are also both avid listeners of Integrative Oncology Naturopathic Doctor, Christian Gonzalez's podcast, Heal Thy Self where he explains why he drinks Purity Coffee, here . After listening to Dr. G + doing my own research, there is no other coffee that we will drink.

Purity Coffee’s Signature 3-Step Process

While there are many coffees produced today which claim to be good for you, the signature process Purity Coffee have developed ensures you’re getting the healthiest coffee available…period. The reason for this is very simple: Purity Coffee optimize for health benefits during every single step of the production process.

Here’s what Purity Coffee is doing to make their coffee so healthy:

STEP 1: Health Profile They select only the highest-grade organic green coffee beans then laboratory test them to make sure they meet their standard.

STEP 2: Roasting Protocol They customize their roasts for each lot of green coffee to make certain it contains minimum toxins + maximum health benefits.

STEP 3: Freshness They pack their coffee to ensure that Purity retains its health profile + arrives to your door as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Step 1: The Purity Health Profile

Each season Purity Coffee lab test high-altitude, organically grown Arabica beans from farms around the world to determine which coffees meet or exceed Purity’s standards. From Indonesia to Costa Rica, from Ethiopia to Brazil, their mission is to find the highest quality coffee that fit the 5 criteria of their Purity health profile.

The 5 Criteria of Purity Coffee's Health Profile

Purity estimate less than 1% of coffees worldwide fit all 5 of these…

Purity is always organic. Organic coffees have been produced by following approved methods of agriculture + handling. These methods integrate cultural, biological + mechanical practices, including cycling of resources, promoting ecological balance + conserving biodiversity.

Purity standards require “Near Zero Defects.” The highest standard of coffee with the least number of defects is classified as “specialty grade” + that is the Purity starting point. Green coffee defects are substandard coffee beans that can occur for a multitude of reasons: Adverse climate conditions, poor agricultural, harvesting + processing practices + problematic transportation or storage of the coffee. Some of these defects are difficult to avoid, but others can be avoided. Regardless, to get defect-free coffee, most coffee must be sorted, so that whatever defects remain are removed.
For most coffee companies, taste is the main reason for removing certain defects. For Purity, health is the main reason, because some bean defects can lead to microorganisms, toxins like Ochratoxin A, or an uneven roast profile, which can create unwanted carcinogenic (cancer causing) PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).

Purity contains no mold. Ever. Mold + mycotoxins are a serious health concern, with accepted levels for consumption differing from country to country. Mycotoxins form from some molds. If mycotoxins are present, only a small amount can be eliminated at high roast temperatures. Unfortunately, these high temperatures may increase the formation of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons + eliminate healthy chlorogenic acids (polyphenols) in coffee. Therefore, Purity Coffee tests their coffee as it passes through each step of the supply chain, ensuring it is free from contamination.

Purity sources sustainable coffee. Purity Coffee not only cares about the health of their coffee, they care about the health of the people who produce it + the environment in which it is grown. Sustainable agriculture is “an integrated system of plant + animal production practices that will last over the long term”. These integrated practices include:
  • Satisfying human food needs

  • Enhancing environmental quality + the natural resource base upon which the agricultural economy depends

  • Making the most efficient use of non-renewable resources + on-farm resources to integrate, where appropriate, natural biological cycles + controls

  • Sustaining the economic viability of farm operations

  • Enhancing the quality of life for farmers + society as a whole

Purity has exceptional taste. Purity Coffee's industry-recognized cuppers taste a selection of coffees that fit their Purity health profile + select the best tasting ones. While health benefits are always their main concern, Purity also tastes great.

Less than 1% of coffees worldwide fit all 5 of these criteria + Purity Coffee searches diligently for coffees that do. All Purity Coffee is specialty grade coffee, but not all specialty grade coffee is Purity Coffee.

Fresh is Best

There are only a few food + beverage products that improve with age + coffee isn’t one of them. Once the green beans are roasted, the coffee is exposed to the air. If the coffee is dark roasted, the rich oils shining on the surface of the beans start to oxidize, degrade + eventually turn rancid. This also happens internally, even in lighter roasted beans.

Purity Coffee believes coffee retains optimal health benefits as whole beans for up to 20 days after roasting. This is the best time to experience the amazing flavors, fresh bloom, the energy that you will notice in your body + the clarity you’ll notice in your mind. It’s not just the caffeine you’re feeling… Rather, it’s the sustained energy derived from consuming one of the richest sources of antioxidant compounds on earth.

These marvelous qualities start to fade after 20-30 days. When coffee goes bad, the oils become rancid, the organic materials stale + the taste has distinct bitterness, sourness + dull wood flavor.

Coffee may languish on supermarket shelves + in warehouses for months, losing more flavor + growing stale over time. As a result, both the coffee’s fresh, bright flavor + some of the health benefits are already on a downward spiral by the time a consumer puts it in the shopping cart. This is why so many of the coffees sold in supermarkets are labeled without reference to their “roasted on” dates, making it impossible for you to determine how fresh they are.

As a Purity Coffee Subscriber, you receive your coffee every month + it arrives to you as soon as the delivery vehicle can get it there. That means the coffee is fresh + tastes great, but it’s also better for you than most coffee that has been roasted months before you get the chance to buy it.

Once you have tried freshly roasted Purity Coffee, you will notice the difference, not only in how it tastes, but how it makes you feel. Most of Purity Coffee's customers report feeling a sustained, clean energy, without the jitters and upset stomach that comes from ingesting a stale coffee.




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