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CLEANSING CONCEPTS - Ionic Foot Detox, Infrared Sauna, Bio-Electric Lymph Drainage and More!

Updated: May 25, 2023

It's been quite a long time since I've treated myself to some much needed selfcare. The kind of self care where you are in someone else's hands and you don't have to worry about a thing.

From the moment I walked into Cleansing Concepts at their Red Bank, New Jersey location (they also have 2 other locations in New York) I felt a wave of calm wash completely over me. Truly.

The serene sound of gentle music playing, soft lighting and magical Maria offering me water with electrolytes before my infrared sauna made me feel like I was already floating on a cloud.

I chatted briefly with another Nicole who has just finished her infrared sauna and she told me how she has been going to Cleansing Concepts for years as she has some chronic pain that the infrared sauna helps to ease. She told me that she actually has an infrared sauna at her home, but she loves coming to Cleansing Concepts for the utterly relaxing and zen experience.

Once the infrared sauna was ready, Maria walked me to my very own private sauna room. Once again, I felt like I was stepping into another tranquil world and left all my stresses in another realm far far away! It may sound silly, but it's true.



Prior to going to your session(s) you will want to drink plenty of water. You will also want to come showered with no lotion, makeup or deodorant. You are detoxing after all, so you want your skin to be able to breathe.

You will also want to wear loose comfortable clothing. Some guests prefer to wear a bathing suit while others opt to wear their birthday suit. Either way, you are provided with towels but are welcome to bring your own.

After your session, it is not recommended to shower for your body will continue to detox for up to 2 hours after your session, however if you wish to, Cleansing Concepts does have a private shower available.

If you are feeling faint, please ask for electrolytes to replenish your body. I had several glasses of electrolyte water prior to my session. If you are going to bring your own water, be sure to bring it in a BPA free plastic bottle or even better, a glass water bottle.



  • Menstruating

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

  • Cardiovascular Issues

  • Obese

  • Diabetic

  • Take Certain Medications (diuretics, barbiturates, beta-blockers, anticholinergics, antihistamines, over the counter drugs)

  • Drink Alcohol or Use Drugs

  • Elderly

  • Child

  • Chronic Conditions or Diseases Associated with Reduced Ability To Sweat or Perspire (ie: Multiple Sclerosis)

  • Hemophiliac / Prone To Bleeding

  • Fever / Insensitivity To Heat

  • Recent Acute Joint Injury

  • Implants (metal pins, rods, artificial joints, or other surgical implants)

  • Pacemakers / Defibrillators

*Read more about the reasoning behind these medical conditions and contraindications for infrared sauna here.


I've been wanting to experience the benefits of an infrared sauna for quite some time. I've been reading more about heavy metals poisoning, symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention.

Heavy metal poisoning can be caused by:
  • Industrial exposure

  • Air or water pollution

  • Foods

  • Medicine

  • Improperly coated food containers, plates and cookware

  • Ingestion of lead based paints

  • Ingestion of insecticides, herbicides and pesticides

Cleansing Concept uses Sunlighten’s Infrared Sauna The mPulse® . This infrared sauna offers near, mid and far infrared technology. This smart technology is customizable to individual needs and allows you to track results. It is not just a sauna, it is a wellness tool that is adaptable to your health needs over time.


Detox from a Sunlight Sauna is 7 to 10 times greater than a conventional sauna. In a conventional sauna the average person sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water. (Source)

According to Sunlight Sauna, the average person sweats out 20% toxins and 80% water!

I noticed that my sweat was extremely minimal while I was in the infrared sauna. Not sweating in a properly functioning sauna may mean that you are dehydrated, or it could be an indication that your sweat glands are not functioning properly. (Source) This is something that I will look into further with my primary physician.


Relieve back, neck, and arthritis pain with far infrared sauna heat therapy.

Researchers studying HRP (Heat Responsive Pain) have observed remarkable therapeutic benefits by using continuous low level heat therapy for treating lower back and upper body pain, all conditions that fall under the HRP classification. (Source)

I have been suffering from excruciating "tech neck" from looking down at my phone, computer etc. and the infrared sauna has given me hope since it's effects really relaxed my body and especially my neck where I hold so much of my stress and tension.


According to Sunlight Saunas, a 30 minute far infrared sauna session can burn up to 200-600 calories.

As the body works to cool itself while using a far infrared sauna, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. Sunlight Saunas far infrared heat therapy raises core body temperature causing passive cardiovascular conditioning. Your body’s natural response to far infrared heat therapy is to increase circulation and sweat. Check out the results with a heart rate monitor and you will be amazed.


Sunlight Saunas Solocarbon heaters were used in a clinical study with the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2005 and were shown to lower blood pressure from a 30 minute sauna session three times a week. (Source)

Repeated Sunlight Saunas far infrared treatment improves impaired blood vessel functions in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventative role for sauna use for arteriosclerosis. (Source)


Heating of muscles with far infrared produces an increased blood flow level similar to that seen during exercise. Body temperature elevation also produces an increase in blood flow.


Improve your skin’s appearance with regular use of a Sunlight Sauna. Open wounds heal quicker with reduced scarring. (Source)

According to Sunlight Sauna, far infrared heat therapy helps acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and any skin lesions or cuts. It also reduces wrinkles, makes skin look radiant, firms and improves skin tone and elasticity. Regular use may also help reduce cellulite trapped beneath the skin, lessen the appearance of scars, and help burns heal significantly. (Source)



Prior to your session, you will want to remove any and all jewelry from your ankles and toes. Make sure you do not have any lotion on your feet. As a reminder, you will also want to wear pants that can easily be rolled up.

It is recommend that any person falling into one or more of the categories below NOT use the IonCleanse® System.

Please check with you medical physician for further advice.

**THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST, but rather the most frequently asked about**

  • People who have a pacemaker

  • Organ transplant recipients

  • Pregnant or nursing women

  • Anyone on medication, the absence of which would cause mental or physical impairment, such as psychotic episodes, seizures, etc.

  • Anyone on blood thinners (ie: coumadin or warfarin) or medications that regulate heartbeat.

Click on the > arrow above to see my BEFORE + AFTER Ionic Foot Detox results!


Ionic Foot bath is a foot soak (IonCleanse® System) that uses water charged with positive and negative ions – electrolytes – which helps draw toxins from your body out through your feet through a process of exchange between the positive and negative ions in your body, and their opposite numbers in the water. Read more about it here.


  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Lactic Acids

  • Pesticides/Fungicides

  • Cholesterol Deposits

  • Drugs/Medication Debris

  • Lymphatic Congestion

  • Cellular Debris

  • Exhaust Fumes

  • Parasites

  • Second Hand Smoke


Vanessa explained to me that the color of my water showed signs of detoxing from my kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and "female prostate" (hence the yellow & green color). She also told me it showed some detoxing from yeast (white flecks) as well as heavy metals (black flecks).


  • Liver Detoxification

  • Increases Energy

  • Reduces Stress

  • Pain Relief

  • Improves Memory & Sleep

  • Sexual Health

  • Stronger Immune System

  • Oxygenates Your Cells

  • Better Well Being & Attitude

  • Calms & Relaxes


  • 3 Weeks 'til Wedding Detox

  • BioElectric Lymph Drainage

  • Chi Machine

  • Colon Cleansing

  • Ear Candling

  • FIT Body Wrap

  • Infrared Sauna

  • Ionic Foot Detox

  • Lipo-Light

  • Wellness Cocoon (only available at the Garden City, New York location)

  • Ozone Steam Sauna


I made my visit early evening so I could continue floating to bed once I got back home. Before I left however, I got to chat with the Owner of Cleansing Concepts, Vanessa Galati-Drew. (tap here to read Vanessa's bio)

Vanessa turned to holistic natural medicine when she almost died after conventional methods failed to help her with her digestive issues and a misdiagnosed ruptured appendix. After exploring many different options, Vanessa discovered colon cleansing, a gentle internal bath that aids the body in the detoxification process.

Cleansing helped her to heal and she has dedicated the last 10+ years of her life to helping others rebuild their health and well-being. Vanessa explained to me that her mission with Cleansing Concepts is...

"To provide holistic alternative therapies in a relaxed atmosphere that creates balance and harmony so that guests can leave feeling renewed and show up in life as the healthiest and most present version of themselves."

After two plus years of this pandemic, Cleansing Concepts non-invasive approach has me feeling refreshed, a bit less stressed and reinvigorated. Their state-of the-art facility and highly trained technicians provide customized treatments and consultations and I'm excited to try their other treatments like the lymphatic drainage.

I left Cleansing Concepts feeling rejuvenated and revitalized and already counting down the days until my next visit. Whether it is cleansing advice or nutritional support that you may need, Vanessa and her lovely staff are here for you!

To learn more + book your zen experience, visit

Cleansing Concepts

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