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TUESDAY TIPS - Health + Wellness Edition

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Tuesday Tip #1:

To Refrigerate or to not refrigerate?

Fun Fact: Lemons and Limes should ALWAYS be used at room temperature. The natural enzymes are turned off when the fruit is cold.


Fruits: Fruits:

1) Apricots 1) Apples

2) Blackberries 2) Avocados

3) Raspberries 3) Bananas

4) Strawberries 4) Kiwis

5) Cherries 5) Lemons

6) Cut Fruits 6) Mangoes

7) Figs 7) Oranges

8) Grapes 8) Papayas

9) Peaches

Veggies: Veggies:

1) Green Beans 1) Cucumbers

2) Carrots 2) Eggplant

3) Radish 3) Garlic

4) Cabbage 4) Ginger

5) Cauliflower 5) Peppers

6) Spinach 6) Potatoes

7) Celery 7) Sweet Potatoes

8) Broccoli 8) Tomatoes

9) Cut Veggies 9) Pumpkin

Tuesday Tip #2:

How Does The Body Cleanse Itself?

Your body possess an amazing network of organs and systems to purify itself everyday. Keeping these cleansing pathways open is essential to healthy skin and to maintaining good health.

1) The LIVER is your main cleansing organ. It detoxifies chemicals, drugs, and excess hormones so they can be eliminated through the kidneys & colon.

2) The KIDNEYS eliminate water soluble toxins, and help control blood pressure.

3) Your COLON should be emptied each day to remove excess cholesterol, and toxins from bacteria and putrefied (rotted) or undigested food.

4) When the KIDNEYS, and COLON are not excreting properly, the LUNGS are recruited to assist, and may become congested.

5) When our normal avenues of cleansing (liver, kidney, lungs, colon) are congested the SKIN excretes waste, and may become INFLAMED.

6) The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is your body's sewer system. It drains the tissues around organs and recruits the immune system to clean up toxic waste that has not been eliminated by all of the organs I mentioned above. Many cancers start in this part of the body.

Tuesday Tip #3:

Disease Cannot Thrive in an Alkaline Environment

This is a fact. They prefer an acidic environment they can feed off of. This is NOT the same as acid from fruits such as lemons and limes, that is healing alkalined acid rather.

Top 5 Most Alkaline Foods






Top 5 Most Acidic Foods


Meat + Poultry

Processed Food Products

Refined Sugars

Carbonated + Sugar Filled Beverages

Tuesday Tip #4:

*Why I Avoid Tylenol

  • Tylenol is hard on tiny livers (adult livers too)

  • It is very easy to overdose on Tylenol

  • Tylenol depletes glutathione = master antioxidant present in human body which is critical in detoxification.

  • In the liver, glutathione binds to toxins before they're excreted, an important step in getting them out of your body.

  • We want our bodies to have lots of glutathione.

* This is not medical advice (just my why) and as always consult with your doctor before giving medication or for medical advice.

Tuesday Tip #5:

The Benefits of Cherries!

Cherries are high in anthocyanins that protect the liver AND protect against UV skin damage

Anthocyanins ALSO protect against UV skin damage by inactivating highly reactive molecules such as free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) formed during sun exposure that start a chain reaction producing significant cell and tissue damage.

(Source: Anthony William, Medical Medium)

Tuesday Tip #6:

10 Ways To UP The VIBE in Your Home!

+ Open those windows! Fresh air is fresh energy.

+ Put uplifting words or phrases around the house

+ Clear the clutter

+ Sage regularly. Full moons are a great time to clear

+ Play high vibe music like 432HZ (found here) or whatever works for you!

+ Keep windchimes outside the house, especially near entrances.

+ Put crystals around the house. You can put a crystal grid around the inside and/or outside of your home as well.

+ Keep suncatchers around the house. They're super fun, beautiful and high vibe.

+Put salt across the entrances of your house.

+ Incorporate each of the elements in your home.

Source: @simpleorganix

Tuesday Tip #7:

How Stress Affects The Body

  • BRAIN - Difficulty concentrating, anxiety, depression, irritability, mood, mind fog.

  • CARDIOVASCULAR - Higher cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack & stroke.

  • JOINTS + MUSCLES - Increased inflammation, tension, aches & pains, muscle tightness.

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM - Decreased immune function, lowered immune defenses, increased risk of becoming ill, increase in recovery time.

  • SKIN - Hair loss, dull/brittle hair, brittle nails, dry skin, acne, delayed tissue repair.

  • GUT - Nutrient absorption, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, bloating, pain & discomfort.

  • REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM - Decreased hormone production, decrease in libido, increase in P.M.S. symptoms.

Source: @phoenixroots

Tuesday Tip #8:

The Benefits of Fresh Mint

  • DIGESTION - Mint is a great appetizer or palate cleanser & it promotes digestion.

  • NAUSEA + HEADACHE - Mint leaves especially freshly crushed help you deal with these ailments.

  • RESPIRATORY DISORDERS + COUGHS - The strong aroma of the herb is very effective in clearing up congestion of the nose, throat & bronchial tubes.

  • ASTHMA - Mint is a good relaxant & relieves congestion.

  • BREASTFEEDING - Mint oil can reduce the nipple cracks & nipple pain.

  • DEPRESSION + FATIGUE - Mint is a natural stimulant & the smell alone can be enough to "charge your batteries."

  • SKINCARE + PIMPLES - Mint soothes the skin & helps to cure infections & itchiness.

  • WEIGHT LOSS - Mint stimulates the digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food.

  • ORAL CARE - Mint has germicidal qualities & quickly freshens breath.

  • CANCER - Certain enzymes found in mint may help prevent cancer.

Source: @oneminutejuice

* This is not medical advice. As always consult with your doctor to make sure you have no allergies or taking any medication where mint cannot be combined for whatever reason.

Tuesday Tip #9:

The Power of Broccoli Sprouts

Did you know that 2 oz. of broccoli sprouts provides the same amount of sulforaphane as 2.2 lbs. of raw broccoli.

Source: @functional.foods

Tuesday Tip #10:

Organic VS. Non-GMO

What's The Difference?

Organic Non-GMO

No GMOs used

No Synthetic Pesticides, linked to

lymphoma or leukemia. X

No Roundup Herbicides, linked to

kidney disease, breast cancer & birth

defects. X

No ingredients laced with residues from

the neurotoxin Hexane. X

No Sewage Sludge, human waste

contaminated with endocrine disruptors & X

heavy metals.

No Growth Promoting Antibiotics, contributing

to weight gain & antibiotic resistance. X

No Ractopamine drug residues, banned in

dozens of countries. X

Source: @thefoodbabe / Vani Hari

More info. at

Do you wonder WHY on earth we even need to have a separation of Organic, Non-Organic, Non-GMO etc.?

Quite simply many unhealthy brands are linked to and owned by pharmaceutical companies. They get you sick by eating unhealthy and then they are right there for ya when you need their medication.

They get you on both ends.

It is absolutely deplorable & unfair that clean, healthy food is expensive / pricey.

It's supply & demand.

Until YOU, ME and EVERYONE demands better from these brands & companies, they will stay the same.

Vote with your dollar.


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