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Non-Toxic Skincare for Babies, Toddlers + Mommas

Updated: Nov 15

Although, I have not experienced the amazingness of being a parent (I absolutely love being an Auntie to the 3 most amazing kiddos), I have consulted with my awesome family + friends with children + there was a consensus of a few go-to products that they love that I thought I would share with you below.

MOTHERLOVE Herbal Company

My friend, Yael loves this brand, especially the diaper balm + nipple cream. She said yes, it's $10 for a tiny jar but a little went a long way!

Soothe that booty! Help provide relief to your baby's diaper rash and irritation with Motherlove's Organic Diaper Balm - an all-natural, plant-based way to soothe baby's bottom.

  • Cloth diaper safe

  • Free of zinc oxide + petroleum

  • Made with antifungal + antibacterial herbs

This balm rubs on easily + absorbs quickly, allowing the antifungal + antibacterial herbs—Oregon grape root + myrrh gum—to do their job without leaving a greasy residue. *Please note: since they use only natural ingredients, the consistency of the product may vary.

The Nipple Cream is their best-selling + award-winning organic herbal salve for sore, damaged + cracked nursing nipples.

Sore nipples?

Breastfeeding + pumping can come with the discomfort of sore, cracked, + often damaged nipples. Motherlove has you covered!


Yael also loved these teas during her pregnancy + beyond.

Earth Mama Organics believes in the power of words: therefore, they make stuff for wellness in the morning, not sickness.

Organic Morning Wellness Tea is a ginger-minty blend of organic herbs traditionally used to help prevent occasional morning sickness + pregnancy nausea.

Formulated for pregnancy (+beyond!) with settling ginger root, chamomile + lemon balm, a hint of mint + a twist of orange peel for a citrus pop of flavor. Especially comforting when every little smell is no bueno + “morning” sickness lasts all day long.

Who knew that one day you’d be thinking about your own milk production — a lot?

Earth Mama's Organic Milkmaid Tea is a fragrant, comforting blend of organic herbs traditionally used to help support healthy breast milk production + promote healthy lactation.

Tasty iced or hot, with fenugreek, fennel, milk thistle + other galactagogues (not space travel, which would be cool, but hey … breastfeeding is pretty cool too) — plus the power of nettle + raspberry leaf.

Very Imporant Note: Organic Milkmaid Tea is NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY. Many galactagogue herbs are not recommended for use during pregnancy in greater than culinary amounts.*


My niece + nephews use this shampoo + bodywash.

✔ 100% plant-based formula ✔ Independently lab tested + USDA certified

Nourish sensitive skin of all ages with soothing calendula + aloe vera. Fans love the light, calming scent from French lavender + clary sage essential oils.

This vegan wash gently cleanses with non-drying, plant-based ingredients ideal for those with chemical sensitivities or allergy concerns.


Shampoo & Body Wash - 2 in 1 cleanser leaves skin + hair soft + clean. Gently cleanse your baby’s delicate scalp + sensitive skin with their best selling, gentle shampoo + nourishing body wash.

Available in:
Lavender "Truly Calm"
Fragrance Free
Citrus Vanilla "Refresh" 

Honest also makes a Conditioner - enriched with extracts + oils for knot-free tangle-free hair.

Available in:
Lavender "Calm"
Fragrance Free "Sensitive"
Citrus Vanilla "Refresh"

Note: Always check the product ingredient list and consult a medical professional for any specific concerns for your child / children.

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