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Non-Toxic Skincare for Women - January Spotlight

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Skincare can be confusing + overwhelming. The ingredients, the texture, the price +so on. I've tested out quite a bit of skincare products, specifically NON-TOXIC skin care + I'd love to share with you my thoughts.

A question I had in the beginning of learning more about skin care was:

"What is the difference between serums and oils?"

  • Serums go on before oils because they are lighter. Always apply light to heavy for optimum absorption.

  • Serums contain concentrated amounts of corrective ingredients based on your needs.

  • Vitamin C serums are great for brightening, Hyaluronic serums are great for hydration, AHA/BHA serums are great for texture + tone.

  • An oil at the end seals your skincare in + prevents moisture from leaving the skin.




Miracle Clear Barrier Cream (Daily Moisturizer) - Ideal for acne prone + oily skin. Made with Vitamin B. Vegan + Paraben-Free. To purchase, click here.

Lightweight Nourishing Gel Cream (Essential Face Moisturizer) - Ideal for all skin types. Made with soothing sunflower seed oil. This vegan gel cream is great for deep moisture. To purchase, click here.

Miracle Clear Clay Mask - This lightweight formula goes on sheer + is safe for even the most sensitive skin types. Free of harsh chemicals + fragrances. Minimizes the look of pores + helps control excess sebum. Dried cica + tea tee leaves gently exfoliate for softer, smoother skin. High grade kaolin clay creates a silky base that draws out impurities while glycerin + panthenol work to keep skin hydrated. Jeju mugwort extract helps protect skin from stress while calming blemishes. To purchase, click here.

Miracle Clear Exfoliating Cleanser - Specially formulated for oily skin, acne + large or clogged pores. Silky, smooth cleanser exfoliates skin + removes dirt from pores, without stripping skin. Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones + artificial fragrance. Non-irritating, non-drying + safe for daily use for all skin types. To purchase, click here.

Natural Balancing Facial Toner - Replenishes + soothes skin after cleansing while restoring skin’s natural pH levels. Preps your complexion for the rest of your skincare routine. To purchase, click here. Pro Tip: Apply toner on Rael Beauty SOAK IT UP Facial Cotton Pads & leave on areas that need a hydration boost for 5-10 minutes for a targeted, custom mask!

Miracle Clear Clarifying Toner - Specially formulated for oily skin, acne, large or clogged pores. Skin-mattifying formula absorbs excess oil + controls shine. Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones + artificial fragrance. Non-irritating, non-drying + safe for daily use for all skin types. To purchase, click here.

Advanced Antioxidant Facial Serum - 172x more powerful than Vitamin C. Liquid-gel formula instantly absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky residue. Suitable for all skin types. Formulated with fullerene, green tea leaf extract + H3O hyaluronic acid complex for deep moisturization + powerful antioxidants. Airless pump packaging that keeps out exposure to air + other impurities to active ingredients. To purchase, click here.

Miracle Clear Soothing Spot Gel - Fast-acting clear gel with succinic acid fights beneath the surface + active acne. Tea tree extract reduces inflammation + swelling while cica works to reduce the appearance of redness. Applies clear + dries fast, perfect for wearing under makeup + reapplying throughout the day. Safe for the most sensitive of skin types. To purchase, click here.

Cica Dark Spot Cream - Dark spot care without the use of harsh, irritating chemicals. Formulated with brightening cica extract, white willow bark extract & H3O hyaluronic acid complex for deep moisturization. To purchase, click here.

Calming Cica Cleansing Water (Makeup Remover) - Effortlessly removes all traces of makeup + impurities without stripping skin. Leaves skin feeling refreshed + hydrated. Safe for the most sensitive of skin types. To purchase, click here. PRO TIP - Use with Rael Beauty SOAK IT UP Facial Sponge Cotton pad for optimal makeup removal. Twice as absorbent so your cleansing water lasts twice as long.

Creamy Moisture Facial Mist - Skin-quenching mist instantly soothes + boosts hydration for dewy, glowing skin. Can be used under or over makeup to refresh skin anytime, anywhere. To purchase, click here. For the Miracle Clear Oil Control Mist, click here.

If you're looking for bundles, check out:

2 Piece Miracle Bundle (Exfoliating Cleanser + Barrier Cream) here

2 Piece Miracle Bundle (Exfoliating Cleanser + Clarifying Toner) here

5 Piece Miracle Bundle here


Lytic Gel Cleanser - So refreshing! A must-have for oily + problem skin types. It effectively dissolves dirt, oil + makeup + calms the visible appearance of irritated skin without over-drying or leaving the skin feeling tight or stripped of its natural oils. To purchase, click here.

Enriched Firming Mask - Expertly formulated with botanical ingredients to help soothe + improve the visible appearance of elasticity + firmness of the skin. Helps calm visible redness + irritation. Gives skin a visible boost of hydration. To purchase, click here.

Honey Girl Organics

From bees to beauty! This brand was introduced to me by a Hawaiian friend of mine. It is USDA certified organic, made in small batches & handcrafted in Hawai'i.

Face & Eye Crème - click here
Face & Eye Crème (Extra Sensitive) - click here

Night Crème - click here
Night Crème (Extra Sensitive) - click here

Facial Cleanser - click here
Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover (Extra Sensitive) - click here

Face & Body Lotion - click here
Face & Body Lotion (Extra Sensitive) - click here

Facial Toner - click here
Rejuvenating Mask - click here
Rose Crème (Face & Eye) - click here
Super Skin Food - click here
Facial Scrub - click here
Foaming Facial Wash - To purchase, click here
HoneyGlo Regenerating Face Serum - To purchase, click here

SUMMER Fridays

Hot Tip: Apply this mask in the shower. Pores open in the steam, so a mask sinks in better.

Enjoy your shower + just wash it off at the end!

To purchase the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (Full Size: 2.25 oz), click here.

To purchase the (Mini: 1 oz), click here.


Toning Mist - click here
Eye Cream - click here
Ultra Hydrating Face Mask - click here
Firming Face Serum - click here
Brightening Serum - click here
Clarifying Spot Gel - click here
Hand Cream - click here


Made with 2 types of hyaluronic acid for anti-aging. This cream is super hydrating! I love to put it on during my nighttime skin routine.

To purchase the Honest Beauty: Hydrogel Cream click here.


A family owned business made with chemical free ingredients.

To shop The Yellow Bird, click here.

Don't forget to enter my 20% OFF Coupon Code at checkout: NICOLEDEROSA

JUICE Beauty

One of my favorite daily moisturizers with SPF.

Enter my 15% OFF code below at checkout:



Clean, cruelty free, vegan skincare that's high performance, not hype!


The Fix (Emergency Eye Mask) - click here
Zero-G (Smoothing Eye Cream) - click here
Smooth Landing (Advanced Retinol Eye Balm) - click here
Vacation Eyes (Brightening Eye Gel For Puffy Eyes) - click here


The Shortcut (Overnight Facial) - click here
Out Of Sight (Dark Spot Facial Gel) - click here


Press Restart (Gentle Retinol Serum) - click here
Sunday Morning (Antioxidant Oil Serum) - click here
Auto Save (Advanced Restoring Face Serum) - click here
Stroke Of Brilliance (Brightening Facial Serum) - click here


Baby Cheeks (Hydrating Milk Facial Toner) - click here
Weekend Glow (Daily Brightening Facial Toner) - click here


Day Dissolve (Cleansing Balm) - click here
Wash It Out (Gel Face Cleanser) - click here
Day Maker (Microcrystal Exfoliating Cleanser) - click here
Keep The Peace (Acne Calming Cream Cleanser) - click here


Hydration Station (Booster Facial Treatment) - click here


Dew Point (Daily Lightweight Gel Face Moisturizer) - click here
Skin Soak (Rich Moisture Face Cream - Non-Greasy Daily Moisturizer) - click here


Back-Up Plan (Acne Control Body Mist) - click here
Guards Up (Daily Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 Zinc Oxide Broad Spectrum) click here

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