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CALIFORNIA BABY - 100% Plant-Based Pure + Gentle SKINCARE Products - August Spotlight

Updated: May 25, 2023

Question: With all the greenwashing and not-so-honest marketing out there, it's tough to trust companies. So why trust California Baby?

Answer: Because, California Baby has the rest results to prove it! Their new 100% plant-based collection has been independently lab tested and certified by the USDA.

Everything California Baby makes has a unique benefit for each of your family members. 25 years of love, dedication and research have gone into creating the very best for everyone you love.

California Baby founder Jessica Iclisoy has always questioned the status quo. While pregnant with her first child in 1990, she began to think deeply about how to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

Shocked to discover carcinogens in products for newborns, Jessica set out to find a better option. There wasn’t one. Motivated by her frustration, she substituted unsafe cleansing and fragrance ingredients with high-quality plant-based substitutes in order to develop her own recipe for a gentle, calming shampoo & body wash.

Word of mouth spread quickly, and soon California Baby was born. Bubble bath, lotion and sunscreen followed, and before Jessica knew it, she had inspired Whole Foods to create a baby care department. Then, when California Baby partnered with Target, California Baby became the first widely distributed plant-based brand in the natural personal care industry.

Check out this clip from the Today show when they came down to the California Baby manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California, took a tour, and interviewed founder Jessica Iclisoy:

BETTER Ingredients



California Baby offers innovative, pure and safe skincare using the following ingredients:

  • ORGANIC CALENDULA - soothes irritated skin

  • ORGANIC SOAP BARK - plant-based foaming agent

  • ESSENTIAL OILS - no synthetic fragrances

  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA - makes skin softer



In addition to chemicals of concern, their “No-No” List also addresses food allergy issues. Because their list is too long to list in its entirety, their short-list highlights the most common allergens and additives that they choose to avoid.

The California Baby "No-No" List (partial) - They've listed what they believe to be the worst offenders and encourage you to do what their founder did over 20 years ago and compare it to products you and your family are using. They've highlighted what they consider the worst of the worst in red on The California Baby "No-No" List here.

All California Baby products are produced in their own FDA-registered, certified organic facility located in Los Angeles, California. Take a look inside, by watching the video below:



Every day is Earth Day at California Baby. Watch this video below to learn more about their solar powered manufacturing facility + their new 100% recycled plastic bottles.

We are big fans of the following California Baby products:

Super Sensitive Hair Conditioner

Super Clear Willow Bark Face Wash 💦

Calming Jelly Mousse ( plant-based hair gel) 🌱

We are going to try out some of California Baby's other products that we have not tried before and will let you know what we think:

🛀 Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash

Super Sensitive Cream

Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion

Konjac Facial Sponge

Read more about California Baby in my Clean Skincare for Babies, Toddlers and Mommas blog post here.


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Are you a fan of California Baby?

I know quite a bit of my community, which products of theirs are your favorites + why?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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