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  • Moon Over The Catskills

    The work day for me started at 5:30am to prepare the dining room for breakfast which was served family I spent most of the day working in the kitchen loading supplies and helping the chef preparing the lunch The work day usually ended by 6:00pm. I had one day off each week and usually spent it sleeping late and laying by the pool. The activities of the day included horseback riding, shuffleboard, softball, ping pong, boating & fishing

  • Journaling and Manifesting. Where Do I Begin?

    What I do is take 10 minutes a day to write down everything I want in my daily life (day to day) and POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS Section This section refers to my intentions for the day. Stop measuring your days in terms of how productive you are. Measure your days in how present you are. Are you practicing mindfulness? what) that I intend for my day to be peaceful, zen, focused etc.

  • Men's WINTER Fashion Guide

    Made with French Terry fleece, these men's sweatpants have an athletic fit that leads to all-day comfort Four-way stretch means these soft gloves work with your hands +_ a gripper palm ensures the days of dropping

  • Productivity Hacks

    of 1-2 crucial things per day. "Flip it on it's head, just focus on your objectives for the day. If you have meetings and deadlines that day, of course those are non-negotiables. But, you can start by dedicating a day or two where those precious focus hours are for yourself, your Here are just a few ways to work smarter: Plan out your days and weeks in advance.

  • What I'm Packing For Summer Vacation - CLOTHES + ACCESSORIES

    Amazon Prime account, let me just say that between the free shipping, free returns & overnight or 2 day I wasn't always a big online shopper, but shopping at the store has me feeling overwhelmed these days

  • Is Quarantine & Lockdown Making You Crazy?

    Everyday can seem monotonous + like groundhog day right now, especially if you are living in a colder Being in the same environment day in, day out is draining. At the beginning of quarantine, I honestly didn't get out of bed some days. You now have a new hobby to dive into + learn about more + more each day. I will do a daily well being check-in to see where I am at in the day and enjoy those 5 things.

  • OWL VENICE - Pre Reset Guide - Follow Along with Mama Joy and I on our Health Journey!

    experience, I’ve noticed that when I adequately prepare for a cleanse I feel better all around from day You’ll still get a light dose of caffeine that will support you throughout your day but is gentle enough Leading up to the reset start to cut down on your coffee consumption by half a cup every few days. For example, if you drink 3 cups of coffee on the reg, try for 2.5 cups for the next few days, then 2 Focus on easy to digest meals for about 3 days before your cleanse.

  • FITNESS Motivation Q&A

    It’s totally normal to have days when you just feel unmotivated (and those feelings are valid). Did you not eat enough during the day? Are you tired and craving sugar to stay awake? One day it's pilates with Tasha Franken, the next day its yoga with Melissa Wood Health. The following day I might do some free weights and the next day, I may just want to dance around the Walking 30 minutes per day / 5 days per week associated with a reduce risk of coronary disease by 19%

  • How To Manage Your ALLERGIES

    The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, the air is fresh and seasonal allergies are Perhaps it's because we're moving into warm sunny days, which gives us a sense of invincible comfort. Organic Olivia recommends starting with 1 dropper full, 2-3xs per day, 2-4 weeks prior to the time your The pollen count is known to vary throughout the day and is usually higher in the morning, so skipping Your samples are sent to CLIA certified labs and you are given physician reviewed results in just days

  • My Dad's Top 10 Quarantine Activities

    with my wife and daughter while they play defense for the contents of the refrigerator several times a day the laundry is now a zen experience. 3) Watching game shows is the most exciting thing I will do each day


    Shake well or whisk again each day before using. Shake well or whisk again each day before using. Shake well or whisk again each day before using. Shake well or whisk again each day before using. Shake well or whisk again each day before using.

  • THE GIVING KEYS - Jewelry That Helps The Homeless.

    On a rainy day walking on Hollywood Boulevard, Caitlin saw a couple named Rob & Cera sitting under an Rob & Cera joined the team & started making "giving keys" the very next day.

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