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Super Helpful Items For PREGNANT & POSTPARTUM Mamas, NEW PARENTS, Newborns & Kiddos!

Updated: Feb 19

Many of the brands that I have partnered with are having some amazing sales and it's a perfect time to....

  • Swap out toxic products in your cabinets for yourself, you partner, your baby &/or kiddos

  • Shop for an upcoming gift (birthday, baby shower, etc.)

  • Treat Yo' Self!

I'm so happy to be promoting brands that I truly love & that we use in our home on a regular basis. By supporting these brands, most of which are small businesses, you're voting to keep them up & running. Their sales are intentional & they are excited to offer you these savings! SO....grab that hot cocoa (or your favorite beverage), find a comfy place to sit & check out all the wonderful brands that I have consciously curated for you below. Use these additional COUPON CODES (where applicable) that I have provided for you below, during checkout.

As always, just to be extra safe, be sure to check with your physician and pediatrician before using any of the products below.

SHOP the brands below by clicking on the brand name in all caps (in blue)

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Family / Baby + Kids / Mama / Organic Herbal Tea / Gifts

Winter Rescue Kit / Eczema Relief / Organic Castile Soap / Hand Sanitizer Mineral Sunscreen / Deodorant / Herbal Balm / Lotion

Baby Care / Kids Care / Tween Starter Pack / Tea For Kids

Pregnancy Support / Postpartum Recovery / Breastfeeding Essentials Pregnancy Tea / Postpartum Tea / Breastfeeding Tea

For Mamas + Their Babies / Baby Loss Comfort / Gift Certificate
Curated Collections

Melinda Olson is the original Earth Mama. A mother & nurse, Melinda is also a not-so-secret plant lady/gardener & avid herbalist. But in the spring of ’97, Melinda began studying medicinal herbs & how to extract their healing powers — which led to planting, nurturing & harvesting a wide variety of herbs. What was once a hobby “blossomed” into a life-changing understanding of plant medicine.

In 2002, she began making & sharing organic tinctures, teas, soaps & salves using self-grown herbs. These were safe formulations grounded in earth wisdom & ancient knowledge & they worked. Melinda had a feeling the world was ready for this kind of medicine, especially pregnant women, postpartum women & their babies. And thus, Earth Mama the Company was born.... in a kitchen.

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(10% off)

Bath & Hair / Diaper Creams & Lotions / Eczema, Bug, Sun & Home Essentials Gift Packages

What began as one new mom's quest for a safe baby shampoo has grown into a beloved collection of more than 80 pediatrician & dermatologist recommended hair & skin care products for babies, kids & adults with sensitive skin.

For California Baby founder, Jessica Iclisoy, it starts with being obsessed with purity & sustainability in every part of their process - from ingredient selection, to manufacturing, to packaging & beyond.

When something doesn’t meet her strict standards, Jessica & her amazing team take it apart, analyze it & find a better way to do it. For example, when it became difficult to consistently source organic calendula flowers, they bought an organic farm in California & started growing the flowers themselves. To control the quality of their products, they built their own solar-powered, FDA-registered, certified organic manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

Before finished products hit the streets, they test them to a level that meets or exceeds the highest standards in the world.

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(20% off)

Chemical Free / Fragrance Free / GMO Free / Paraben Free / Soy Free

The Yellow Bird is a family owned & run all natural skin care company that uses pure & simple ingredients, free of synthetic chemicals, to nourish skin & promote health. The Yellow Bird's products are perfect for the entire family, especially for those with allergies & chemical sensitivities. The brand strives to provide products that are full of simple yet powerful ingredients.

They also use high-grade essential oils for their nourishing benefits but also for their pleasant aromas. Chemical Free means that The Yellow Bird's products have no synthetic chemicals. You especially want to avoid any ingredients that are petroleum-derived or parabens.

If you read labels, you will find fragrances in everything from shampoo to deodorant to lotions, however, Federal law doesn't require companies to list the chemicals in their fragrance mixture which means these don't show up on the product label.

Instead of putting the unknown (and sometimes dangerous) on our skin, The Yellow Bird strives to provide products that nourish & strengthen the skin. Instead of needing skin care products to “fix” issues, start off with products that fortify your skin. You want to be proactive in your skin care, not reactive!

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No petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, silicones or PEGs.

Powerful active ingredients / Refreshing natural aromas / Clean, lightweight textures / No suspect chemicals

Ursa Major (the ‘Great Bear’ in Latin) is the largest visible constellation in the northern sky and has long been used to find True North. To us, it’s a powerful reminder to follow your inner compass and forge your own path in life.

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Skincare Sets / Cleansers + Toners / Moisturizers + SPF / Essences + Serums Spot Treatments / Masks / Makeup / Body / Minis / Merch

Cocokind is both women & minority-owned & its advertisements are inclusive, from skin type to race to gender. Those are all selling points for me, in addition to liking that the company is transparent about what ingredients are used in each product. Many sustainable skincare brands lean on the pricier side, but Cocokind is relatively affordable, with most products ranging from $15 to $25.

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Body / Skincare / Essential Oils

Free from parabens, SLS, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances & fillers.
Free from all ingredients found on EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Toxic 12 & other Dirty Dozen lists.
Made with essential oils that are verified for purity by independent certified laboratories.
Cruelty-free & never tested on animals.
Never made with ingredients derived from threatened or endangered species.

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(15% off)

Women's Health / Pregnancy / Birth + Postpartum / Breastfeeding / Baby Bundles + Gifts

From morning sickness to low milk supply & from your growing belly to sore nipples - Motherlove Herbal Company have you & baby covered with premium organic herbal body care. As a women-owned, family-run, Certified B Corp, Motherlove cares about people & planet over profit. Their products are made in the USA with imported ingredients in a solar-powered, zero-waste facility by employees who receive competitive pay & full benefits.

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(20% off)

KHUS + KHUS use nothing but 100% botanical ingredients. KHUS + KHUS is formulated to assist the body in calming the nervous system & enhancing the skin. This also assists in the regulation of the immune system. KHUS + KHUS believes plants heal, that is healthy plants heal. Phyto-Medicine is the future of health & skincare.

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(10% off)

All of the Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Soaps are 100% vegetable based (never any animal by products) & made from the highest quality natural & organic ingredients like olive & coconut oil, never palm oil, which is known for being harsh on your skin.

Antioxidant rich olive & coconut oil have the ability to naturally moisturize your skin, keeping it hydrated all day with no oily residue.

They also added aloe vera & Vitamin E to enhance the moisture experience. Keeping the sense of touch & the skin in mind, they wanted to create a luxurious feeling Castile soap, so they increased the viscosity two fold by adding the most natural of ingredients, sea salt & never adding any foaming agents.

Keeping true to putting health first, none of Dr. Jacobs Naturals products ever contain any toxins like parabens, preservatives, phthalates, artificial dyes, or artificial fragrances. They are gluten free, cruelty-free, vegan, made in the USA & Non-GMO Project Certified.

Lastly, they wanted to holistically care for people on the inside as well as the outside, so essential oils with health & wellness properties were added. Through aromatherapy & skin absorption essential oils are known for healing properties & health benefits.


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Skin Gym is an innovative beauty brand that fits right into your active lifestyle, drawing on ancient beauty techniques to provide modern beauty tools. Skip the needles and fancy equipment and take beauty into your own hands, facial tool at a time.

Used by everybody from A-list celebrities to estheticians, Skin Gym's non-invasive tools are more than just a beauty shot on Instagram. These skincare essentials encourage you to discover every curve and contour of your face while keeping up with the trends and providing the best in modern skincare.



Skincare Sets / Cleansers + Toners / Moisturizers + SPF / Essences + Serums Spot Treatments / Masks / Makeup / Body / Minis / Merch

Cocokind is both women & minority-owned & its advertisements are inclusive, from skin type to race to gender. Those are all selling points for me, in addition to liking that the company is transparent about what ingredients are used in each product. Many sustainable skincare brands lean on the pricier side, but Cocokind is relatively affordable, with most products ranging from $15 to $25.

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A pioneer of the clean beauty movement. Rose-Marie Swift has been making beautiful faces more beautiful, backstage & behind the camera for more than three decades, working with some of the most prestigious models, actors, photographers & magazines in the industry. With passion, wit, wisdom and legendary skill, Rose-Marie is a pioneer who, over 12 years ago, developed the holy grail of makeup—a line of living-ingredient-based products that offer true artist-quality performance.

RMS Beauty is Rose Marie’s own farm-to-face recipes. RMS Beauty has been setting the standard for clean ingredients since 2009. In the world of today, clean beauty isn’t all the same. Their living ingredients set RMS apart, bringing the energy of raw, food grade, organic, wildcrafted & natural ingredients to your skin, in as close to their fresh-picked state as possible.


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Tenoverten is a nail brand that is: Female-Owned Non-toxic 8-free
8-free means: NO toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), ethyl tosylamide, and xylene) &
They have a collection of over 30 different long-lasting nail colors as well as different nail care products and tools that promote stronger and healthier nails.


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(10% off)

Everyday products made environmentally friendly. All natural products with packaging made from recycled material. Products include: Bamboo toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, floss, razors, shaving products, produce bags, straws & soap bars to be used as laundry detergent & stain removers. Gift sets & gift cards are also available!


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Designed to meet daily recommended values, each blend has at least 20% of the recommended daily amount in 5 key nutrients or more. It's like a multivitamin, but with real food. Science-based, evidence-led. Every ingredient has a purpose, your baby's meals and content are mapped against thousands of clinical studies & reviewed by Yumi's experts. Yumi nerds out so you don't have to!

Yumi plans for developmental milestones in the first 1,000 days as your baby grows at an accelerated rate. Yumi's meals are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to make sure your baby gets all the nutrients they need at every key milestone.



SAKARA Life is a Healthy Living company that helps you achieve and maintain your optimum level of health and well-being.

Sakara doesn't believe in counting calories or carbs (or pounds for that matter), they support you by revolutionizing the way you think about their food and health!

The Sakara Organic Meal delivery is a revolutionary program that cleanses and detoxes your body the way nature intended.

No powders, no juices, no starving yourself. Just fresh, delicious, thoughtfully-prepared meals that are nutritionally designed to give your body what it needs so that it can let go of whatever it doesn't (toxins, excess weight, etc. yuck!).

Nature knows best. Let it do its magic and bring your body back to balance. Check out all of Sakara's delicious meals, snacks & desserts here.


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Kids Clothing / Face Masks / Dolls / Artwork / Baby Onesies & Pajamas / Womens Clothing / Home Decor

Piccolina is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering today’s young children to become tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers!

Research shows that starting at age 5, many girls develop self-limiting beliefs and begin to think they're not as smart and capable as boys. Many kids’ clothes and products, perpetuate these gender stereotypes by underrepresenting women in leadership positions or fields relating to science, technology, engineering and finance.

Piccolina is a brand that believes in putting people first. At the core of Piccolina’s identity is a commitment to social justice, equality and inclusion, and those are values that Piccolina incorporate into all aspects of their business.

Kids Science & Art Activity Boxes:


GREEN KID CRAFTS is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders using creative, nature-based STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics) activities. Green Kid Crafts has sold over 1.5 million boxes specially designed to help children exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery & learn about the world around them.

Each month kids get 4 to 6 science & art activities designed by teachers and STEAM experts to foster creativity & learning. Box themes include: Ecosystem Science, Environmental Activism, Wildlife Science & Earth Science. Past boxes have included Outer Space, Save our Oceans, Green Energy, Rocket Science, Climate Change, Art Lab, Mad Scientist & Arctic Science.

Babies, Kids & Adults Clothing:

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MATE the Label

MATE the Label is a Los Angeles based clothing brand, founded by Kayti O'Connell Carr in 2013. A collection of elevated essentials & vintage inspired graphics that embody the California-cool lifestyle. The team consists of creative & passionate individuals that strive to continually innovate & improve.

Sustainable & ethical practices are paramount to the brand's ethos. MATE has chosen to partner with factories within a five mile radius from their Arts District Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, carefully sourced & proudly produced in small batches season after season.

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Baby & Kids Clothing / Accessories / Footwear / Toys / Mealtime / Diaper Bags / Pacifiers / Teething / Wellness

SpearmintLOVE is an online retailer for nearly 300 baby brands including their own SpearmintLOVE label. Parents love the unique & high-quality selection, super soft fabric & eye-catching prints & fabrics for their Spearmint Babies.

From accessories like pacifiers, teethers & beanies to blog or IG-worthy footies, rompers & swaddles, they have the best in baby all in one place!

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For Days designs soft, sustainable, organic cotton basics that are recyclable and ship carbon-free. But For Days doesn't just sell you stuff - they take it all back, too, to help close the loop.

If you want to switch it up, send them your old For Days clothing for upcycling and get discounts towards new stuff through their swap program.

Every item upcycled saves 700+ gallons of water and keeps clothing out of landfills. This is a closed-loop system and it is how YOU will change the world.



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elfin los angeles

Elfin has always been passionate about dressing littles in outfits they would wear themselves, but noticed a void when it came to a one-stop shop for fashionable and functional items for mamas and minis.

Elfin LOVES simple details, whimsical prints, modern silhouettes, organic cotton, feel-good fabrics, muted hues, sustainable designs, and unisex staples. Elfin is COMMITTED TO curating a collection of items that have been tried, tested, and LOVED by them (and their little ones). Nothing makes Elfin happier than supporting and encouraging small businesses like their own and making sure everything they sell is high-quality, thoughtfully-made, and DESIGNED WITH YOUR MINI IN MIND.

Elfin is EXCITED to announce the debut of their much-anticipated line of mini dresses. Their capsule collection consists of one silhouette in three perfect-for-everyday prints. Designed for days and nights, Elfin's signature dress is subtle, timeless, and inspired by their own daughters’ obsession for dresses that work for play time and party time.



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Solly Baby was named “Best Wrap” by New York Time's Wirecutter Magazine, it was selected as the top gift pick for parents by Vogue & has been featured in Parents magazine, Martha Stewart & the Today show.

Solly Baby wraps have been worn by some of Hollywood's most beloved mamas including Anne Hathaway, Pink, Ayesha Curry, Olivia Wilde & Serena Williams.

Solly Baby wraps have been put to the test every single day from the park to shopping at Target with three other kids in tow, from deep in the parenting trenches. The wrap is sure to be your little ones' favorite place to be while being comfortable for you as well. You can have the confidence to travel the globe with them or survive the weekly grocery run, all while keeping your baby snuggled right on your chest.

The Solly Baby wrap is one of the greatest gifts for a parent. It is a product that helps one enjoy that confidence & closeness as a parent.


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DivvyUp was founded with the goal to sustainably provide socks to those in need. You customize & purchase socks & DivvyUp donates a pair of socks to someone in need.

Socks come in Sizes:

Youth (Ages: 5-12) / Small (Men's 4-7/Women's 5-9)
Large (Men's 8-12 / Women's 10+) / X-Large (Men's 13-16 / Women's 14.5+)


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Coterie is a modern babycare brand on a mission to make both babies and parents happier. They do this by pairing thoughtfully-designed products that maximize a baby’s comfort--with a seamless customer experience that saves parents time.

Coterie started by re-engineering the diaper, but they also make super-soft wipes, and they’re currently expanding to other products in the space.

Please message me if you have any questions or comments! Peace, Love & Blessings Nicole

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