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SHOP SMALL for the Whole Family with ELFIN Los Angeles

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

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Elfin has always been passionate about dressing littles in outfits they would wear themselves, but noticed a void when it came to a one-stop shop for fashionable and functional items for mamas and minis.

Elfin Los Angeles is a one stop shop for fashionable & functional items for everyone! Babies, Toddlers, Mama & Papa, plus Home Decor items and Accessories too!

Elfin’s price point is what I like to call from “budget to bougie” meaning you can find great stocking stuffers in their sale items starting at $7 and more pricer items for under the tree!

Between their combined 25+ years in the fashion industry and 5+ (and counting) years as mamas, Melissa Marks & Staci Pearlman came together to create just that – a curated space to shop, GET INSPIRED, and CONNECT.

Elfin LOVES simple details, whimsical prints, modern silhouettes, organic cotton, feel-good fabrics, muted hues, sustainable designs, and unisex staples.

Elfin is COMMITTED TO curating a collection of items that have been tried, tested, and LOVED by them (and their little ones). Nothing makes Elfin happier than supporting and encouraging small businesses like their own and making sure everything they sell is high-quality, thoughtfully-made, and DESIGNED WITH YOUR MINI IN MIND.

Elfin is EXCITED to announce the debut of their much-anticipated line of mini dresses. Their capsule collection consists of one silhouette in three perfect-for-everyday prints.

Designed for days and nights, Elfin's signature dress is subtle, timeless, and inspired by their own daughters’ obsession for dresses that work for play time and party time. So shop small and support a badass female owned business like Elfin Los Angeles! They're the real deal and make us all look way more stylish in doing so!




Elfin Los Angeles

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