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  • SOLLY BABY - Wraps, Carriers, Onesies, Women's Loungewear + More!

    Social media took off and so did Solly Baby! shower, I know you will love Solly Baby as much as my family, friends and I do! You can even book a FREE 20 Minute Private Virtual Solly Baby Consult! What is that? A certified babywearing educator, is here to support you with any Solly Baby related questions you may The Solly Baby wrap is one of the greatest gifts for a parent.

  • GIFT GUIDE: Mother's + Mother Figures Day

    * Machine Washable * Interchangeable Covers * 100% Cotton Covers * Oeko-Tex Certified SOLLY BABY What Solly Baby wraps have been worn by some of Hollywood's most beloved mamas, including Anne Hathaway, Pink Since the inception of Solly Baby, their line has now expanded to include sleepers, sleep gowns, knotted Less crying + more hugs brought to you by Solly Baby! Click HERE to shop SOLLY BABY THE SIS KISS The Sis Kiss includes: Custom Jewelry, TSK Atelier Diamonds

  • Super Helpful Items For PREGNANT & POSTPARTUM Mamas, NEW PARENTS, Newborns & Kiddos!

    upcoming gift (birthday, baby shower, etc.) SOLLY BABY Solly Baby was named “Best Wrap” by New York Time's Wirecutter Magazine, it was selected Solly Baby wraps have been worn by some of Hollywood's most beloved mamas including Anne Hathaway, Pink Solly Baby wraps have been put to the test every single day from the park to shopping at Target with The Solly Baby wrap is one of the greatest gifts for a parent.

  • Clean Skincare for Babies, Toddlers and Mommas

    baby soft? This SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Lotion moisturizes, calms and comforts your baby's Treat baby to a soothing gentle massage all over with this baby lotion containing certified organic Shea This is why we've combined our SheaMoisture baby wash and baby shampoo together. Kiehl's Mom & Baby Nurturing Baby Oil My friends, Stephanie & Tricia both love this oil.

  • Babies + Kids Winter Fashion Guide

    These retro ribbed tights with braces will keep pace with even the most active babies & toddlers. Lay flat to dry. all the babies. all the babies is a European-inspired, direct to consumer baby clothing company with a mission to give back to babies in need. all the babies manufactures & produces all of Chunky solid boots (boots for baby & kids) Black / Polyester pieces / Suede appliques / Padded, Soft Zebras All Over Baby Set A buttery soft & cozy long sleeve onesie and pant set with a whimsical zebra

  • YUMI - Non Toxic BABY FOOD You Can Trust.

    Every ingredient has a purpose, your baby's meals and content are mapped against thousands of clinical Yumi plans for developmental milestones in the first 1000 days, your baby grows at an accelerated rate Yumi's meals are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to make sure your baby gets all the nutrients NYTimes journalist, the two built Yumi to support parents with nutrition-first meals and snacks for babies Broccoli / Raspberry Kidney Bean / Apple Stage 3: "Duos"(7+ months) Two ingredient blends for babies

  • CALIFORNIA BABY - 100% Plant-Based Pure + Gentle SKINCARE Products - August Spotlight

    So why trust California Baby? Answer: Because, California Baby has the rest results to prove it! Word of mouth spread quickly, and soon California Baby was born. Then, when California Baby partnered with Target, California Baby became the first widely distributed is Earth Day at California Baby. SHOP California Baby using my 10% off COUPON CODE: DEROSA Are you a fan of California Baby?

  • Remembering My Beloved Friend, “Jolly” Jerry Boulding, also known as “The Doctor of Radio”

    Jolly” Jerry Boulding, also known as “The Doctor of Radio”, was a radio industry pioneer who developed By the time he joined WOL in Washington, D.C., he began using the air name “Jolly Jerry B.”

  • Gift Guide with THE SIS KISS - Jewelry For Boss Babes

    Click on < > to view the slideshow Megan DiVincenzo started her career as a trial attorney, which seemed perfectly matched with her talkative, enthusiastic & dramatic nature. She thrived...until she didn’t. She found herself feeling depressed & anxious, and one day had a panic attack in court. She knew she had to make a change. Thankfully, before Megan’s exit from law, Megan & her sister had started The Sis Kiss where they sold jewelry, accessories & clutches. It was the side hustle the sisters loved that blossomed from their personal need for more dainty bangles to fit their petite wrists. Friends became fans, and then customers! Click on < > to view the slideshow Megan realized the side hustle wasn’t JUST a side hustle to her. Her passion, drama & desire had returned with every order & opportunity for growth with The Sis Kiss. After growing into the CEO role at The Sis Kiss she has never looked back. Designing, building a team & of course, all things shiny are her calling, passion, and purpose. Click on < > to view the slideshow The Sis Kiss line includes: Custom Jewelry, TSK Atelier Diamonds, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Hair Accessories, Bags, Home + Gift, Bridal + Bachelorette, Initials, Personal Touch, Zodiac, Love is Love, Summer Essentials, Men's Accessories, Mama Love and their Collaboration Series. Everyone from Sofia Richie, Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens, Carrie Underwood to Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (The Skinny Confidential) are obsessed with The Sis Kiss and you can see why! CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE SIS KISS

  • GIFT GUIDE - Black Friday + Cyber Monday Holiday Sales 2022

    BABY Essentials Press the play > to watch video above. Organic baby food delivery made simple! Learn more in my blog posts here SOLLY BABY - FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING (orders $80+) or Buy 1 Wrap, Get 1 Herbal Products Baby Care + Pregnancy Discomforts (postpartum + breastfeeding) Learn more in my blog Baby + Toddler CLOTHES + ACCESSORIES ELFIN LOS ANGELES 25% OFF EVERYTHING sitewide!

  • MEMORIAL DAY SALES You Don't Wanna Miss!

    With sizes for babies, children + adults. Click HERE To Shop RMS BEAUTY CALIFORNIA BABY Stock up for summer! For 10% OFF enter code: DEROSA HERE More MEMORIAL DAY SALES To Check Out SOLLY BABY- 15% OFF with code Shop the best brands in baby + kids clothing + accessories. Natural + organic, whole food remedies for babies, children + adults.

  • Infertility Awareness

    With all this talk about Mothers & Mother Figures Day, I'm extremely sensitive to the fact that there are many people who struggle with infertility. In fact, 1 in 8 couples struggle to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy, making it a more common issue than people realize. As you scroll through social media, remember this statistic - you know someone battling infertility. For many struggling to conceive, the hope to one day realize the dream of parenthood is what keeps them on their fertility journey. I always 100% thought that I would have children. I'd meet the man that I manifested after learning about myself and spending a couple years nurturing myself and my needs as a woman. Don't get me wrong, I still have hope though as I'm not the only fabulous and forty single gal out there! There are so many of us, plus we're in good company....Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron....I can go on. And look at Charlize, she adopted! That is something I've always considered as well. The thing is....I don't even know where I stand as far as how many "good eggs" I have left. But, that honestly doesn't affect me personally or rush my in any way. I would be more than thrilled to adopt as well. But, I am curious about the "good egg situation" so I may find out on my next OBGYN appointment just to see where I am with that. The other thing I debate is that I'm not sure I should have kids so late in life as I will be 44 this summer. So with that, this decision is to be continued..... As I ponder this idea and decision, I also think about those struggling with infertility so I started reading more about it and I wanted to share some information and resources that I've found. Diagnosis + IVF There are many medical conditions that impact both men and women's fertility. 1 in 5 couples are diagnosed with "unexplained infertility", meaning there is no straightforward cause to infertility. While sometimes we want to explain away and define cause, unexplained infertility is in fact a medical diagnosis. While there are many ways to treat infertility, IVF statistically offers the highest success rates. Read more via RESOLVE What is The Stork Foundation for Infertility? At The Stork Foundation for Infertility, they are committed to not just raising awareness for infertility, but also raising their collective voices to break through the stigma. The Stork Foundation empowers others to start and change the conversation surrounding infertility. Every single dollar donated to The Stork Foundation for Infertility makes a difference. No path on this journey is straightforward. The cost of infertility is HIGH, which is why the support of others is critical to their existence. Anyone who has faced infertility knows that this breakdown is an oversimplification of the actual intricate medical costs. The average cost of an IVF cycle can range from $12,000 - $20,000. Every patient is unique so every care plan or "protocol" varies significantly. This breakdown does not list every procedure or medication that are part of this long, arduous process to becoming a parent. Fertility Benefits Coverage The National Infertility Association celebrates one million covered lives through its Coverage at Work program. This free program empowers people, whose health insurance is provided by their employer, to talk to their HR benefits managers about adding benefits & coverage that help them build their family. This program launched in 2016, and since then RESOLVE has tracked more than 45 companies who because their employee used RESOLVE’s program, have added family building benefits, the biggest being insurance coverage for medically necessary treatments like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The total number of these employees with new or expanded healthcare benefits for family building options reached 1 million in April 2022. “Adding family building benefits is a win-win for employers and employees. Employers often don’t realize there is a gap in benefits until their employees point it out. Satisfying employee requests is a top reason cited by employers for adding these benefits. RESOLVE looks forward to working with employees and employers alike to welcome the next one million employees with new or improved family building benefits, but let’s not wait another 6 years to reach that milestone, as family building can’t wait,” said Betsy Campbell, Chief Engagement Officer for RESOLVE. The 2021 Survey on Fertility Benefits from Mercer and commissioned by RESOLVE, found that 97% of employers who added coverage for IVF did not see a significant increase in costs. In fact, this report finds this highly valued benefit is both affordable and beneficial to companies in terms of attracting and retaining talent, being recognized as a family friendly employer, and supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. 2022 Stork Foundation Fertility Grants Frequently Asked Questions Will I need to submit medical forms? Yes. A medical evaluation form must be completed by your doctor. Can I submit an application for someone else? No. You cannot submit an application on behalf of another individual. Is there an age limit on who can apply? Yes. Applicants must be 18 or older. Can I reapply next year? Yes. The Stork Foundation reviews each application individually each cycle. You are welcomed to re-apply then. Is a paper application available? At this time The Stork Foundation does not offer a paper application, but they are willing to make accommodations for those needing assistance. You may email them at: What type of information should I include in my personal story? The Stork Foundation would love to learn more about your personal fertility journey. Feel free to include past treatment, your own personal sentiment about your journey, and a little about yourself and partner if applicable. Stork Foundation Board Member Spotlight Meet Maria Braham. Maria is a founding board member who resides in Chicago, Illinois. The Stork Foundation for Infertility means so much to Maria, as the mission so deeply resonates with her own experience. Her strength and resiliency is awe-inspiring after experiencing six miscarriages during her 6+ year journey to become a Mom. Maria is a certified financial planner by day and enjoys vacations with her husband and family. She truly celebrates women and works to empower them in her involvement. Maria is a member of many organizations including National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), National Association of Female Executives (NAFE), Professional Women's Club of Chicago (PWCC) and many others. The Stork Foundation is very lucky to have Maria and her pure dedication to their grants committee. Maria never gave up her fight and never takes for granted that two sweet boys call her Mom. Source: The Stork Foundation For Infertility LITTLE WORDS PROJECT Both the founder and VP of Marketing at Little Words Project had their own experiences with infertility, and were brought together by openly sharing their journeys with each other. The more stories like these are shared, the lesser the stigma becomes. I am very honored to be collaborating with Little Words Project. LWP aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves and to pay that forward, one bracelet at a time. During World Infertility Awareness Month, 25% of proceeds from Little Words Project will benefit The Stork Foundation, helping to provide financial assistance for low resource individuals needing infertility treatments. Choose from their best sellers or custom bracelets with a word of your choice to start a conversation surrounding infertility. Get 15% OFF and start creating your Little Words Project bracelet HERE. If you do happen to get a bracelet for you or a loved one, let me know in the comments what word you chose and the meaning behind it too! INFERTILITY RESOURCES Pregnantish Founded by Andrea Syrtash, Pregnantish is the first online magazine + storytelling platform focused on infertility + modern family building. This wonderful platform helps others to navigate the realities of infertility and fertility treatments. Original content, patient advocacy + more. Fertility Centers of Illinois FCOI have made it their life’s work, their mission, to help people become parents. Providing compassionate and comprehensive fertility care, surrounding themselves with leaders in the field, pursuing advanced medical education and research, and teaming up with industry partners to offer their patients many possible advantages. Each person or couple is unique so they tailor each treatment plan to the individual circumstances, including emotional, physical, and financial needs. Whether you are beginning your journey or have exhausted many of your options, they will work with you to help you realize your dream of building a family. There is nothing that gives them greater fulfillment. (Fertility) Rescripted Rescripting fertility, together. As seen on The Today Show, BBC News, Wall Street Journal and more. Be sure to also check out their podcast called, Dear Infertility. Podcast: Dear Infertility Dear Infertility is the first-ever podcast that doubles as an advice column for those dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss. From coping with pregnancy announcements to what to expect during IVF, join Rescripted Co-Founder Kristyn Hodgdon as she, along with various fertility experts, answers real questions from real fertility patients related to the physical and emotional toll of infertility. To learn more about how Rescripted can help you feel more empowered and less alone on your fertility journey, visit If you have more resources to share, please do so in the comments below. If you would like to learn more and/or donate to The Stork Foundation you may do so HERE. Sources: The Stork Foundation For Infertility Resolve

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