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SOLLY BABY - Wraps, Carriers, Onesies, Women's Loungewear + More!

I may not be a Mom yet......I'm still on the fence for a few reasons...but I'm an Auntie to three amazing kiddos, I've been a nanny, worked at a daycare & I have many dear parent friends that provide me with endless feedback about their favorite & not so favorite items. My friends know that I'm endlessly inquisitive & love to research so even when I'm gift giving, I always want the best.

When I research brands that I would like to collaborate with, it is the same thing. I want to collaborate with the best but more importantly above that brands & people that I respect and want to be associated with as well.

Elle Rowley originally from Texas, now lives on a 3 acre farm in Bonsall, California with her husband and partner, Jared, and their four little ones. Explaining how Solly came about...Elle says in her bio:

"I never thought I would be a CEO. I barely graduated high school and I couldn't have dreamt this whole thing up if I'd tried, but there's nowhere I'd rather be than right here, making wraps that literally bring families together, comfortably, confidently, and happily...."

"I had a tough transition into motherhood so I also love supporting mothers in any way I can through that first year."

Elle loved wearing her first baby (who had lots of colic and reflux) but Elle always ended each wearing with a headache and a backache so she was determined to make something better for her second.

Elle started Solly Baby with a pregnant belly and a $50 Craigslist serger back in 2010. She made one simple wrap for herself & a friend and, after having her son, Solomon (Solly for short), they both quickly fell in love with the experience.

Looking down at him that first time in the wrap and holding her toddler's hand for our first outing, Elle knew this was something she had to share with other parents. Elle got to work while her babies slept, experimenting with fabrics & sewing on her serger, tweaking the design until it was perfectly functional, beautiful, & reflected her personal style and aesthetic.

After lots of late nights, early mornings & caffeinated beverages, Elle's first batch of wraps were made. She started selling at pop-up shops & on her own Etsy shop. It went pretty poorly that first year but Elle knew failure & success lived in the same neighborhood so she kept at it. Three years in, everything changed. Social media took off and so did Solly Baby!

Elle and her husband moved out of her in-laws' house & almost a decade and two more babies later, Solly Baby is a global brand. Solly Baby was named “Best Wrap” by New York Time's Wirecutter Magazine, it was selected as the top gift pick for parents by Vogue & has been featured in Parents magazine, Martha Stewart & the Today show.

Solly Baby wraps have been worn by some of Hollywood's most beloved mamas including Anne Hathaway, Pink, Ayesha Curry, Olivia Wilde & Serena Williams.

Whether you are looking for must have items as a new parent, soon to be parent or shopping for a friend and love ones baby shower, I know you will love Solly Baby as much as my family, friends and I do! Check out all their products, styles, and gift ideas below!


These sleepers come in many more colors + designs!

Wraps + Carriers

These wraps + carriers come in many more colors + designs!

You can also watch a tutorial to learn how to wrap, loop + swaddle.

You can even book a


20 Minute Private Virtual

Solly Baby Consult!

What is that?

A certified babywearing educator, is here to support you with any Solly Baby related questions you may have. A 20 minute private virtual consult that includes a fit check, troubleshooting and discussion regarding questions you may have about using your Solly Baby wrap & wearing baby.

You can specify what connection works best for you (Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp) for you & what number or Skype name, email etc. to call at your scheduled time.

Solly Baby wraps have been put to the test every single day from the park to shopping at Target with three other kids in tow, from deep in the parenting trenches.

The wrap is sure to be your little ones' favorite place to be while being comfortable for you as well. You can have the confidence to travel the globe with them or survive the weekly grocery run, all while keeping your baby snuggled right on your chest.

The Solly Baby wrap is one of the greatest gifts for a parent. It is a product that helps one enjoy that confidence & closeness as a parent.

Sleep Gowns

These sleep gowns come in many more colors + designs!

Gift Ideas

Bringing Home Baby Bundle

Bringing Home Baby *Deluxe* Bundle

Mama + Baby Bundle

Robe for Mama

Wrap + Dolly Bundle

Digital Gift Card

Solly Dolly (for sibling)

Solly Dolly + Book Bundle (for sibling)

... and much more!


These swaddles come in many more colors + designs!

Knotted Hats

These knotted hats come in many more colors + designs!

Mom + Baby

Women's Pajamas

Crib Sheets

These crib sheets come in many more colors + designs!

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Please message me if you have any questions or comments! Peace, Love & Blessings Nicole

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