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A Directory of FOSTER Care CLOTHING Closets Around The U.S.A.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Generous organizations and people create Foster Care Closets for foster parents. They consist of donated items meant to offset the costs of new clothing and other necessary belongings for children in care. Many of them offer used clothing, toys, furniture and baby accessories. Please note: the Foster Coalition does not run foster care closets. However, they have created this wonderful comprehensive list as a service to the foster care community.

About the Foster Coalition

What is the Foster Coalition?

The Foster Coalition is a resource website for many things related to foster care. The mission is to make important information easy to find, whether you are a foster youth looking for support, a foster parent seeking a clothing closet, or a concerned person who wishes to get involved and support youth in care.

​How did the Foster Coalition get started?

The Foster Coalition website was started by Leah Burdick, an adoptive mom. Leah was a blogger for the Chronicle of Social Change, and given her business background, she specialized in writing about innovative programs improving different aspects of foster care. However, she often had difficulty finding programs and support data for her blogs. That's when she compiling lists for herself and quickly found that they were useful to others. Thus, the Foster Coalition website was born!
The Foster Coalition does not accept donations. It is a "love offering" to the community in the hopes that access to information will make it easier for people to support youth in care.

Now that I found this wonderful Foster Coalition directory, going forward I will now be clearing out my closet and making a "love offering" to my local foster care closet.


For A List of Foster Care Closets

All Over The U.S.A.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

If you see that a great resource is missing from The Foster Coalition website, be sure to let them know when you visit the site.

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