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  • THE GIVING KEYS - Jewelry That Helps The Homeless.

    Caitlin always knew she wanted a charitable dimension to The Giving Keys & within a few months she found Rob & Cera joined the team & started making "giving keys" the very next day. The Giving Keys employ folks working their way out of homelessness, use recycled keys, imprint them with Click arrow > to view slideshow The Giving Keys is a pay it forward company & hand-stamps products with Visit The Giving Keys website HERE!

  • GIFT GUIDE - Mother's + Mother Figures Day

    Wellnesse / Viori KHUS+KHUS / Cocokind MAKEUP RMS Beauty NAILS Tenoverten JEWELRY LUV AJ / The Giving Keys / The Sis Kiss / Little Words Project Click on each brand below for more info: HOME Waterdrop

  • DR. JACOBS NATURALS - Clean Living, Made with Love Since 2011

    Jacobs Naturals in Brooklyn, New York with one mission in mind, to strengthen people’s lives + the lives holistically take care of their health on the inside just as much as they do on the outside – Clean Living Joe + Lucy live + breathe their mission every day, by incorporating healthy choices into their work. With this belief of clean living, Joe + Lucy began researching soaps that were healthy for the most sensitive

  • A Directory of FOSTER Care CLOTHING Closets Around The U.S.A.

    Leah was a blogger for the Chronicle of Social Change, and given her business background, she specialized

  • GIFT GUIDE - Black Friday + Cyber Monday Holiday Sales

    through my affiliate links, as it supports my free content creation (my income) + most importantly it gives This season, give the whole family the gift of Organic Essentials that are better for their skin & the KEYS - 40% OFF The Black Friday Collection! The Giving Keys stamp inspiring words on keys creating necklaces, bracelets, rings + earrings with the engraved keys.

  • MEMORIAL DAY SALES You Don't Wanna Miss!

    Below are a few wonderful brands that are clean, non-toxic, sustainable, ethical + give back. THE GIVING KEYS - FREE SHIPPING when you spend $95+ Shop inspirational key jewelry from The Giving Keys Their inspirational key jewelry changes lives. Literally. Give A Meaningful Gift. Cute Jewelry, Great Cause. Stamped With Custom Words.

  • THE ARC OF NJ - How My Car "Mitsu" Made a Difference

    Mitsu was already giving me a bit of trouble here and there and was not as reliable as I needed it to feeling depressed and hopeless for so many reasons, that I needed to do something to help others or give

  • Busted Because of The Beatles

    As the performance came to an end, who but my Mom and Aunt appeared in the living room shocked to see

  • SHOP FOR A CAUSE - Great Gift Ideas!

    There are many ways you can support your favorite small business while also giving back to various charities I always get so excited about gift giving and sometimes I get overwhelmed and completely forget where JDV in efforts to combat fast fashion and bring quality sustainable styles to her community all while giving JDV strongly believes in helping those in need and would rather give back then make a profit. Jungalow® also gives back to non-profit organizations whose missions they believe in and support.

  • October Spotlight - Why I Love ACURE - Non-Toxic SKIN, HAIR + BODY Products

    Since I've been living in a different climate in both California + Florida, my skin was SHOOK when I They enhance the lives of patients and empower people of all ages to make healthy lifestyle choices through

  • DEROSA FAMILY RECIPE - Insalata di Carciofi (Artichoke Salad)

    Our family has a private website where we share our DeRosa family history amongst many other things. One of the exciting pages we have is called, The Family Table where we're going to share family recipes, stories, advice + more so that the future generation of DeRosa children have a place to virtually commune together + stay connected with one another in this crazy digital world. Without further ado, below is the first recipe in a series that I'm going to share aptly titled, DeRosa Family Recipes. I thought it was fitting to begin the series with the first course. Insalata di Carciofi (Artichoke Salad) You’ll commonly find this 'insalata di carciofi' on Tuscan trattoria menus during artichoke season as an antipasto but it’s also a great one to do at home – despite having to prep artichokes, this is a very simple + very quick salad that goes with everything from fish to meat to being a meal on its own (perhaps with a heavy ball of burrata and crusty bread). First choose good artichokes. The ones most commonly used in Tuscany for eating raw are smallish, pointed dark purple ones. Since you’re eating these raw + artichokes can have a rather astringent quality to them, you want lovely young + tender artichokes rather than older + tough ones that do better when cooked. A good sprinkling of your best salt + some shavings of proper Parmesan cheese are an excellent foil to counter that astringency. Finally, some tart lemon juice + a rather peppery olive oil round things off nicely. Ingredients 4-5 Artichokes (medium size) 1 Lemon Salt + Pepper (to taste) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for serving) - use my Primal Kitchen 10% OFF coupon code at checkout: DEROSA10 Parmesan Cheese shavings (1 handful) - (we love the Violife brand) Directions 1. Fill a large bowl with cold water + squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it, set aside the other half for the dressing. 2. Prepare the artichokes by peeling the tough outer leaves off one by one, from the bottom going around + up until you reach very pale-coloured, tender leaves. Cut the stalk to about 1 inch long + then trim the bottom + stalk. Rub the cut parts with the lemon half as you go. Cut the top pointed half of the artichoke off completely then place the artichokes in the lemon water until you have trimmed all the artichokes this way. 3. One by one, slice the artichoke in half vertically. If there is a fluffy/thistle-like choke, remove it with a teaspoon (or a grapefruit spoon). Thinly slice the artichoke half + immediately place the artichoke slices in the lemon water. Continue with the rest of the artichokes. 4. Drain the artichoke slices well (pat dry with kitchen paper if necessary). Place in a large bowl + dress with the rest of the lemon juice from the lemon half, a few tablespoons of olive oil, a good pinch of sea salt + a grinding of black pepper. Scatter with Parmesan shavings + serve! #salad #vegetable #artichoke #fiveingredients #spring #winter #vegetarian #sidedish #italian #italiandish #italiandishes #tuscan #tuscany

  • My Abnormal MRI + Breast Needle Biopsy

    This test also requires intravenous contrast administration (contrast material given through your vein Mama Joy and I continued binge watching five seasons of Alias on Disney+ which definitely helped take I don't like to give my mind unnecessary time to wander around to a negative place + you shouldn't either

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