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  • GIFT GUIDE: Father's + Father Figures Day

    Coffee Enter my 20% off coupon code at checkout: (*first time customers only) DEROSA20 or if they're a tea PIQUE Tea Drops Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Send me a message! I love hearing from you!

  • HYDRATION STATION: Ways To Stay Hydrated

    Caffeinated + Decaffeinated Teas Decaffeinated Teas Rooibos - Helps boost Glutathione, Antioxidant rich White Tea - May have less caffeine. Pique tea supports radiant health by supporting gut health, fasting, and calmness. Green tea has less caffeine. "Another way you can stay hydrated is to add chlorophyll drops to your water.

  • How To Manage Your Allergies

    Organic Olivia recommends starting with 1 dropper full, 2-3xs per day, 2-4 weeks prior to the time your usual hay fever symptoms crop up.

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  • Shop | Nicole DeRosa

    CLICK MY LINK BELOW TO SHOP PIQUE: TEA DROPS An Organic Tea Company that is also Eco-Friendly + Fair Founded in 2015 by Sashee Chandran, Tea Drops is a woman + minority-owned, innovative tea company with Based in Los Angeles, Tea Drops ethically sources all of their organic teas & sheds about 20% less waste Tea Drops has become a favorite among new + experienced tea drinkers alike, launching innovative tea A favorite of Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States, Tea Drops are also loved by Oprah

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