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  • Gift Guide with THE SIS KISS - Jewelry For Boss Babes

    Thankfully, before Megan’s exit from law, Megan & her sister had started The Sis Kiss where they sold Her passion, drama & desire had returned with every order & opportunity for growth with The Sis Kiss. After growing into the CEO role at The Sis Kiss she has never looked back. Kiss and you can see why! CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE SIS KISS

  • MEMORIAL DAY SALES You Don't Wanna Miss!

    Click HERE To Shop REI + REI OUTLET THE SIS KISS Buy 1, Get 1 for 50% OFF the entire website this weekend Click HERE To Shop THE SIS KISS GREEN KID CRAFTS GKC is sharing one of their best offers on fun-filled The Memorial Day Sale is a limited time offer, so don’t miss out!

  • GIFT GUIDE: Mother's + Mother Figures Day

    Click HERE to shop SOLLY BABY THE SIS KISS The Sis Kiss includes: Custom Jewelry, TSK Atelier Diamonds SHOP The Sis Kiss HERE LITTLE WORDS PROJECT Handcrafted Bracelets (fine cut crystals each with a unique

  • Mama Joy's Top 10 Documentary Recommendations

    explores how white privilege impacts American culture and the ways it's benefited her life and career. 8) Kiss She is an executive producer of Kiss the Ground. Mraz wrote a song exclusively for the Kiss the Ground movie entitled “Kiss the Ground.” He shot the initial footage for Kiss the Ground in Africa in 2011 with Allan Savory. from the Bia Echo Foundation and Triptyk, there is a free 45-minute-long Educational Version of the Kiss


    MANUEL ANTONIO Where To STAY Si Como No Resort + Spa - This 40 room, very private hotel was opened by Built into a hillside in national parkland, Si Como No means, "Yes, Why Not?" to the old mansions of the great coastal cities of Havana + Cartagena, a traditional gem where sun-kissed National Park + the Corcovado National Park are 2 of the area's most popular national parks not to be missed

  • AUTISM AWARENESS - Behaviors, Education, Resources and More.

    ." - Miss Luna Rose To learn more about autism obsessive behavior, routines and rituals, click HERE. Autistic Dreams - A wonderful website by writer and artist , Miss. Luna Rose.

  • Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    Preoccupation with details, rules, lists, and order that can result in missing the major objective of I was always (and still am to a degree) Miss. Holistic and Miss. Alternative Medicine. Upon entering a plane, I always have to do the sign of the cross, kiss my hand and touch the plane. doing more posts like this in the future, so be sure to sign up to be on my mailing list, so you don't miss

  • THE GIVING KEYS - Jewelry That Provides Job Resources & Supports Transitioning Out Of Homelessness.

    always knew she wanted a charitable dimension to The Giving Keys & within a few months she found the missing

  • A Directory of Foster Care Clothing Closets Around The U.S.A.

    If you see that a great resource is missing from The Foster Coalition website, be sure to let them know

  • HALLOWEEN - Healthier Sweet Tooth Swaps!

    (Pack of 3) = $34.89 MISS JONES Organic | Gluten Free | Vegan | Non-GMO | Made with Coconut Oil Vanilla Boxes = $41.28 MISS JONES Grain + Gluten Free | Organic | Non GMO No Hydrogenated Oils | No Artificial (Pack of 6) = $47.94 BROWNIE Mixes MISS JONES Fudgy Brownie KETO + PALEO Grain & Gluten Free | No Sugar

  • AUTISM AWARENESS - The Arc’s Wings for Autism + Wings for All Program

    As a result, people can miss out on new experiences and connecting with family members and friends that

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