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Women Supporting Women - FlipFlops2Chanel

Instagram can be a supportive, kind and exciting place or it can be the opposite. It all depends how you are using it and who you are connecting with and giving your energy. My friend, Katrina said it best:

"We know that social media can be viewed as destructive, violent, and ugly; however, like every coin, another side is eternally opposite.

There are also small businesses, advocates, and good people speaking up for the betterment of others. Many of whom represent a prosperous future, and even more that offer supportive means for that to take place. They use social media for good, to help, and thus we honor a few of them and hope you appreciate their assets as much as we do.

The world's helpers can and should be running businesses, so we welcome a prime example of these impressive qualities and hope you see them in action for yourself by dropping into Instagram or their other social media platforms and supporting our special helpers."

I have slowly created a community of such wonderful and supportive people from all over the world. One such wonderful person is Katrina Thompson aka @FlipFlops2Chanel as she is known on Instagram.

Katrina created her website for resilient women. Like most women; she is a survivor. Her site contains adult topics like sexual or physical abuse. However, there is no explicit content as she encourages girls of all ages who need support to find age appropriate material that contributes to positive growth. She is dedicated to empowering women and girls who have been beaten down by loved ones, strangers, or life itself.

FF2C articles include personal accounts of victimization, failures, and eventual success. Alongside pertinent information related to sensitive matters like abuse, violence, mental-health, incarceration, and other threats to women and girls. Sounds like a lot? Well, that's because women go through a lot! Katrina's experiences as a small business owner, author, wife, mother, and survivor of childhood traumas are uniquely brought together to prove that success is possible, regardless of your past.

Katrina shares inspirational stories, guides, and concepts to empower females worldwide. FF2C strongly believes in awareness, education, prevention, and other positive means of encouragement for the next generation of survivors. Eating healthy is just as important as knowing when to run from a predator and when to fight for your life so Katrina discusses everything a resilient woman needs to know.

Do you feel hopeless, sad, or confused? You are not alone! As the founder of FlipFlops2Chanel, Katrina has found happiness after decades of living in silent pain and hopes you find comfort knowing you can survive too. Create the successful life you envision with topics about business, health, love, and more ways to support good habits for the thriving woman or girl everywhere.


I received a DM (direct message) on my Instagram from Katrina just before Christmas. I was beyond touched and surprised to see that Katrina had included me in her "Gram Glimpse" 2021 Holidays & IG Helpers post. It was honestly the best gift I could have received (besides my family being healthy & safe). Katrina had so graciously included me along with 11 other empowering IG accounts that can help with holiday stress and why you should check them out.

Katrina, thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart for this inclusion. I am so honored and touched and thank you for your friendship, love and support!

Below is the post Katrina so kindly wrote about me. Please go check out the other 11 empowering IG accounts that Katrina wrote about HERE.

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